Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-27th.Nov.2011-"CONGRESS IN A NO-WIN SPOT"


It will be the local Congress leaders in UP that will let the party down in the upcoming Assembly elections.

As elections in various States approach, political parties are gearing up with their election campaigns. It is amusing to see the fights that take place. One does not understand how enemies can become bedfellows and bedfellows become enemies overnight. It is fun to see new alliances being made and the new lease of life that partymen get when they move from one party to another for better opportunities. It appears as if their survival depended on party hopping.

The fact that 83-year-old, senior BJP leader, LK Advani took out a rath yatra and successfully completed it before the Winter Session of the Parliament goes to prove that he is hale and hearty. Riding high on the anti-corruption campaigns, it’s a new lease of life for him as well. However, the Mayawatis and Jayalalithaas are not far behind. They all have their own agenda and new alliances are being made that suits them.

In the Congress, Rahul Gandhi is taking his time to take over as the Prime Minister of India. For the present, he has other things on his mind — the priority being the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh next year. There are many senior leaders at the Centre and State level who worked their way up from the grassroot level and know the pulse of the common man. The party High Command should pick 20 such experienced people and give them a district each in UP with an independent charge with one instruction — to win. They will perform once their reputation and career is at stake and the result will be worth watching.

But at present, the young leaders in the Congress are still in the learning stage. The party can’t take a risk by handing over the UP campaign to them especially when Rahul Gandhi’s reputation and future is at stake. Also the youngsters, though they come from affluent Congress background, are not capable of feeling the real pulse of the aam admi. Added to the fact is that they are not as hard working as Rahul Gandhi. They have their own agenda and survival at stake.

Senior leaders need to be made in-charge of certain regions in UP. Local State leaders are not interested in winning. They know they will never be Chief Ministers. They are quite content with the present position they have in UP. In any case, Mayawati is too clever for them and most of the local leaders are hand-in-glove with the ruling Government.

It is very unfortunate that the largest party in the country can’t win in any of the big and populace States like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and UP which are the backbones in making any Government strong at the Centre. Rahul Gandhi is working very hard in the State and hopefully he will make a dent in the State where the likes of Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav rule. One just wishes that, for once, the local leaders would forget their personal gain and ambition and work for the party.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-20th.Nov.2011-"THE BIG FIGHT IN U.P"


With the Assembly elections round the corner in Uttar Pradesh, political parties of all hues are raring to go.

With the Vidhan Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP) round the corner, all political parties are gearing up for the big fight. Alliances are being made with parties/people to come up with a perfect combination. The entire exercise is geared towards one thing — to make sure that Mayawati, the queen of UP and Dalit leader, is defeated. The fight in the State is going to be tough and interesting.

The Congress has found a partner in Ajit Singh. The farmers’ leader who may play a small role will benefit more in the partnership than the Congress. It is unfortunate that the Congress leaders in the State are at loggerheads with each other. If the party High Command was serious, it would make ensure that every partyman is heard in order to avoid controversial statements which confuse and divide the partyworkers. Those who have been denied the ticket are angry and hurt. They are busy working against their own party but it is all under wraps.

The in-fighting in the Congress is a cause of worry for its leaders. Everybody, from the senior to the grassroot worker, has a bone to pick with the other. The soar point is the non-availability and non-accessibility of the party’s top leaders. There have been instances when the partyworkers from the State who can give valuable input about the ground reality are threatened with dire consequences by those who don’t want the correct report to reach the top leaders in Delhi.

It appears that the entire game of politics has undergone a dramatic change. There was a time when there were just two parties — the Congress and the BJP. There were no Mayawatis, no Mulayam Singh Yadavs and no Ajit Singhs. It was the time when the Dalits voted for the Congress. Of course, there were a few individuals who would make an appearance but the Congress dealt with such people with an iron hand. That was the time when the Congress had an upper hand — they had the Nehru-Gandhi family to fall back on.

Things are different now. It is sad to note that the senior and junior leaders make statements which are not befitting them especially when it comes to a State like like Uttar Pradesh where Mayawati is the Chief Minister. She is shrewd, hardworking and has the formula on how to connect with the common man. One hopes that the Congress learns a lesson from the Bihar elections. Bollywood stars, rallies, road shows and yatras are not going to win elections. A huge turnout at a rally doesn’t necessarily turn into votes. Giving tickets to relatives and friends is not an option either.

What will help is finding a leader who has no criminal record and who can communicate with the locals. Rahul Gandhi means well but his message needs to reach the aam admi. Unfortunately, many Congress workers are corrupt. It is time that the strategy makers in the party come up with a plan that will make sure that the Congress wins in UP this time round.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-13th.Nov.2011-"LEARN MOBILE ETIQUETTE"


People need to realise that talking on the mobile in the presence of others is rude, bad manners and insensitive.

It is very unfortunate that all those who are using a mobile phone lack the etiquette when it comes to mobile usage. It is sad that educated people who profess to know-all are lacking in this area. Be it a market place, a restaurant or a get together at a friend’s place, the habit of texting, or talking on the phone is extremely rude. It makes the others in the gathering feel as if they are intruding into a private moment.

And if one mobile was not enough, people now carry two. There was a time when all of us survived without a mobile for hours together. But times have changed now. Well, there is no harm in carrying a phone but to use it is bad manners and shows insensitivity. It is an absolutely a ‘no’ to be on the mobile whether it is a formal or an informal gathering.

Just the other day, I was at a restaurant with a few friends. My eyes went to a couple that was sitting a couple of tables away from ours. What I found amusing was the fact that the two not talking with each other but busy texting on their respective phones. One thing has been noticed — it is the wannabes who want to show their fancy gadgets who flash their phones in public places. They want to show that they have the latest mobile and that too an expensive one. One will never see the real moneyed people talk on the phone at a gathering.

There have been instances where the situation has become so unbearable that other people in the party have had to tick-off the person busy with the mobile. It is a shame when people keep a salesperson waiting because he/she is busy talking over the phone. There have been instances where a person has had to wait for a good five minutes before she could say ‘hello’. The reason — the person was talking over the phone. If this is not enough, it is impossible to walk into a Government office today and not find the clerk talking on the mobile. What is even more strange is that people talk the loudest when there is a ‘no phones’ board.

Even while travelling by airplane do people not give up their habit of talking on the phone till the last minute. The airhostess needs to announce that passengers need to switch-off their phones. Travelling by train is no better. People talk so loudly that they disturb the others who are in the compartment. When will we understand that talking on the phone or texting or using the iPad is something that one needs to avoid while in a public gathering. There is nothing ruder and insulting than a person talking on the mobile in the presence of others. I wonder if the aam admi is more sensitive?

Considering that there are so many apps that are now available on smart phones, it is almost scary to be in the presence of a person who is talking over the phone. One never knows what he/she is recording to be used as a tool to blackmail in the future. After all there are many people who would do anything to malign others.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-6th.Nov.2011-"EDUCATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS"


It is time that the Govt took steps to ensure that children across the country get the right kind of knowledge.

This Diwali one saw a change. Our generation grew up thinking that crackers played a major role in celebrating the Festival of Lights. We all know the reason for celebrating this festival — Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvaas, the day was joyous and Ayodhya vaasis’ lit diyas and burst crackers. Over the centuries the ritual stayed on and, of course, became a part of the celebrations and fun.

The question of pollution or even saving the environment was never an issue. Things have changed now. The younger generation is aware that bursting crackers is not only harmful for the environment, it also leads to many diseases. In the last 10 years, various environmentalists have been targeting the schools. They teach the children the ill-effects of bursting crackers. At the same time they educate them how to celebrate it better. Now, parents, on the behest of the children, send potted plants to friends and relatives instead of the usual mithai and dry fruits. Though the practice is not common, it is fast catching the imagination of many. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, took up the issue of reducing the pollution in the Capital some 10 years back and its effect is there for all to see.

It is amazing what education can do. Looking at the success of this initiative, it is time that the Government spread the message of family planning on the same lines. It is a sensitive issue and needs to be approached in a proper manner. Those who advocate family planning need to be educated first — how they need to approach the villagers cautiously, explain to them the health benefits and how it will be financially viable as well.

Unfortunately, the teachers in the villages lack the knowledge and don’t take their work seriously. If we can change the mindset of the people, half the battle is won. Knowledge is wealth. It is therefore, important for the Government to give the right kind of incentive to the teachers to go to remote parts of the country and impart the right kind of educations to the children.

One has to realise that it is not easy for a person who has lived all his life in the city to live in a village. There have been instances where the teachers only come to the school for 15 days and go missing for the rest of the month. Since there is nobody to check, invariably no action is taken against them.

One can see the difference education has made in the lives of students who are living in metros. The Government must encourage the right kind of education and take turn firm action for non-performance. Everyone should be encouraged to contribute towards educating every citizen of this country.

Organisations which are doing good work should be given more funds so that they can continue to keep up the good work. Education can bring about awareness and that can only be possible if there are good teachers.