Monday, December 19, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-18th.Dec.2011-"THE 24x7 ENTERTAINMENT"


It is amusing to watch the news these days. Ministers have fisty fights, throw chairs and hurl abuses.

Just the other day a young boy told me that for amusement he watches the news channels. The politicians keep fighting whether inside Parliament or outside. Since most fights are shown on the news it is too good to be missed he said. The fact that different channels have their own version of the same story is always amusing to watch. The funniest is how during Parliament sessions the MPs shout and scream at each other and then proceed towards their various lunch engagements. Each day of Parliament costs Rs 2 crore of the tax-payers money. One wonders why the representatives need to waste this money by fighting with each other?

The aam admi is wondering what is wrong with UPA-II. It was because they had performed well that they were voted back to power. But this time round there is confusion, Ministers don’t see eye to eye and there is no well-thought out strategy to tackle a crisis. What is the reason behind this? Is it because there are so many different power houses within the Government and the Congress? Though, in my opinion, this is not possible. There is obviously only one boss — Sonia Gandhi. The Prime Minister is honest, respected and a good human being. He is trying his best to run the Government smoothly with the coalition partners but there are tantrums being thrown at every step.

Scams, the fighting within the party and Chief Ministers having a verbal dual with the Central Ministers all make good amusement stories for the public. The latest, of course, being who is the next biggie getting bail and coming out of Tihar. How they spent their days behind bars makes for another story.

In the last few years the media has become powerful and bold. This is a good sign. We have to thank them for unearthing all the sting operations and scams. It is impressive how they go out of their way and take risks to bring news. In the process, the mediahouse owners face problems for breaking stories which may embarrass those in power. The politicians need to understand that the media in our country still gives them a wide berth. It leaves personal lives of the politicians out of the pages. The Government blames the media for making Anna Hazare a star. But it forgets that it was the message that he spread which caught the imagination of the common man. The public is tired of corruption, inflation and the behaviour of the Ministers. They can’t imagine these are the people they voted for.

I still remember the fights in the Vidhan Sabha across many States — verbal fights and fist fights and even breaking and throwing chairs into the Well of the House. One got to see them because of the coverage by the news channels.

With so much happening — even a murder mystery (Bhawari Devi case that involves a Rajasthan Minister) — on the news channels why would anybody want to watch a film?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-11th.Dec.2011-"GIVE VALUES TO YOUR CHILD"

It is unfortunate that parents today are not inculcating values, culture and tradition in their children.

Last week, proved to be tragic. My daughter’s friend lost her mother. We all rushed to her house — her brother and father were travelling and she was all alone. The family had shifted to Delhi from Pune several years back. We had visions of her sitting all alone not knowing what to do. It is very unfortunate that the younger generation today is not aware of the Indian customs and religious beliefs.

It is not as if my daughter’s friend is a teenager. She is nearly 38 and one would have expected her to know a bit of how things are to be done in such situations. The tragedy proved to be an eye-opener for me. I could see the difference of how we were brought up as children and how the children are brought up today. During our time the bedtime stories were around Gods and Goddesses, stories from Ramayan, Mahabharat and the teaching from the The Gita.

Well, of course, there are many people who still narrate stories from The Panchtantra, Ramayan and The Mahabharat. As children, it was a ritual in our family to bow at the small temple at the backyard of our house every morning and recite Gayatri mantra. As we grew older, we were taught shlokas and their meaning. Havan and pujas was commonplace. Riti-rivaaz was handed down from the saas to bahus. It is rare to expect this behaviour today.

When I surf the TV channels I am shocked to see how some parents force their young children to become bread-earners for the entire family. They are forced to participate in dance and song reality shows at a tender ages. One can only imagine the amount of hardwork that these children put it to remain in the running?

I believe that at the age at which they are working, they should be enjoying their childhood and be showered with love and affection from the elders in the house. It is sad that they miss out the luxury of being pampered and instead spend their time performing on the stage whatever the time of the day — morning or night. They mature before age. I wonder how these children fare in school? It would be an interesting survey to do.

The other day, I was watching a programme on TV on how parents of a 10-year-old, along with the producer and director, were forcing her to run with a fierce looking dog chasing her. The girl was so frightened when she looked at the dog that she fainted. Is this not criminal?

I wonder at the value system of this generation is getting from the teachers, school and family. According to me the sanskar that you give your child is the biggest gift you can give him. No amount of wealth can compensate for the values handed down. With the children growing grow fast, the elders need to take time out and inculcate spiritual values in their children. But, as of now, parents are busy making money. It is unfortunate that they don’t have time to instill values, tradition, culture and moral duties.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pioneer-DilliBilli-4th.Dec.2011-"NEED TO CURB PRICES"


In times of such high inflation, the Govt should step in to stop display of wealth at weddings & parties.

The inflation is on the rise and it is becoming difficult for the aam admi to make ends meet. Is it not time for the Government to take stern measures and cut-down some of the luxuries that the rich enjoy? Take for instance the weddings that one attends. People really go over the top when it comes to celebrating — whether it is a holiday, or a birthday party. Being transported to an exotic location is private jets, yachts and expensive return presents for the invitees has become common.

Some of the weddings one witnesses, especially in North, are not only eye-openers but leaves one amazed at the vulgar display of wealth. Crores are spent on chartering a private plane for Bollywood stars to perform on stage to Hindi film numbers. The guests on their part are busy drinking, eating or catching up with all the gossip.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people should not entertain or spend money at their children’s weddings but I am sure the same can be done without the ostentatious display of money. One needs to just look at the array of food on display — every possible cuisine is laid out for the guests. Flying in wedding planners, flowers, exotic food products and chefs from abroad appears to be an unnecessary wastage. I am sure that most of the food goes into the dustbin. It is better if the host would have a few Indian dishes, they are tasty, will keep the recipes alive and the local chefs will also get the necessary encourage. After all, our Indian cuisine has a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

And there are the wedding cards. Thousands are spent on just one card — a card that goes into the bin once the wedding is over. There is so much effort that goes into making a perfect card. Some look like a hard bound book others look like a suitcase which are filled with goodies. Though it manages to impress many, it doesn’t last for long. In fact, many end up criticising it. The wedding lehanga costs lakhs. I am sure the bride never gets to wear it ever again.

Why can’t the Government take stern steps and stop this display of wealth at this time of bad economy. Why not take a leaf out of what our former Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did in 1974? There was a limit on the number of dishes one could serve and the number of people was limited too. If this is not possible, how about levying a heavy tax when such exorbitant money is being spent?

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is highlighted through the media. The poor jump to the conclusion that the Government is protecting the rich. Their question is why is there so much discrimination and favouritism. The rich are getting richer when the poor cannot afford a decent meal. I do hope the Government does take some stern step towards this.

The day is not far when the poor, frustrated, will raid and invade the houses of the rich and the politicians. As it is we witness road rage, thefts and murders every day.