Monday, February 20, 2012

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-19th.Feb.2012-"RAHUL IS RIGHT MAN TO LEAD THE NATION"

The aam aadmi of this country is willing to give his support, trust and respect to the person who will not compromise when it comes to punishing the guiltyObscene language, watching pornography, goondaraj, rapes, murders and sleaziness is quite common in politics today. We all know that it’s a dirty game. It is also commonly known that it takes a lot of will power, money, muscle power and manpower to fight and win an election today. Gone are the days when a politician would fight an election on purely merit basis.
It is remarkable that a party like the Congress has a person like Rahul Gandhi who is hard working and is leading the party in the UP elections and taking the Opposition leaders head on. Rahul has a fresh approach and is an open book and carries no extra baggage. He also has a new team of young leaders around him who help him in his efforts to improve the system.
Unfortunately, there are many people who surround him and pressurise him into doing things which may not be in favour of the common man. These leaders carry too much baggage and it is impossible for Rahul to get rid of these people. He is trying his best to introduce fresh faces in politics. The other political parties are following suit. This new breed of the Gen X is well-educated and suave. But there is danger — that they will be sucked into the corrupt system created by those people who want to be the only ones to survive at the cost of others.
A change is never easy. In fact, there have been many instances where it has been resisted. It is Rahul’s dedicated work in UP that has put a stop to his detractors. His commitment to the people of the country is now clear. He obviously does not have a magic wand to cleanse the system overnight. It is a tough fight and I believe that only he has the drive and the commitment to achieve it. His entry into politics has encouraged the youth to follow him.
The UP elections will be testing times for him. It is not whether the Congress will win or lose. Either way Rahul will come out of this a more matured and seasoned politician with the real feel of what the voter thinks and wants. He will not be dependent on others for a feedback. In that sense, the UP elections has been a major learning experience for Rahul and his team.
So, while Rahul was busy campaigning in UP, leaders in Karnataka were caught watching pornography on their mobile during the Vidhan Sabha session. It is very shameful and embarrassing for the country. It is sad that our some of the politicians today have cases of rape and murder against them. Scams being unearthed and involvement of Union Ministers and bureaucrats makes the common man hang his head in shame.The aam admi today believes that Rahul genuinely wants a change in the present scenario. We have seen him stumble, get up and start afresh. He has the right lineage; he has inherited power but it needs to be channeled properly. He heads the largest political party in the country and his word is law.But there are many who make fun of him and want to clip his wings because his thinking doesn’t suit their selfish plans.Rahul needs to keep his distance from such people and move cautiously but firmly and the youth of this country will give their unconditional support to him.
This doesn’t mean that he should ignore the advise of the senior politicians. After all they know the ins’ and outs’ of every move of their opponents. What we need today is a person who will rule the country with a firm hand and hopefully Rahul is the person who can lead the nation with help from experienced partymen. But too do that he has to clean the image of the party from within and not compromise when it comes to punishing the guilty. This will gain him the trust and respect of the people.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Devi Cherian Bags Journalist Award

“Amar Shaheed Lala Jagat Narayan Memorial Journalist Award” from Prof. Dhumal the honorable Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh on 12th February.2012.

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-12th.Feb.2012-"CLEAN DRIVE IS STRAIGHT DRIVE"

The recent verdict on the 2G scam signals the need to wipe out corruption at every level so as to attract foreign investments.

The final verdict of the Supreme Court in the 2G scam is a positive sign for 2012. Even though it is the last verdict by Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly who retired last week, it’s a new day in the history of India. Hope, trust and faith that the common man has always had in the Judiciary has been re-imposed. The aam admi heaved a sigh of relief and finally got a reason to smile.

Arguments vary from person to person. The common man who goes to vote has been faced with a unique problem of ‘Who to vote for’? Be it the regional parties, the NDA allies or the UPA allies, all are same. Some are just bigger conmen than the others.

As Uttar Pradesh goes to the polls which is the major testing point for the Congress, this judgment has come as a spoiler. The public always knew that Mayawati took money from businessmen to run her party. But the 2G scam and the CWG scam clearly indicate that the UPA-II Government in the Centre purposely shut their eyes and ears to these major corrupt dealings around them.

The lust for power has overtaken everything else. Self-respect and honesty stand no chance. How low can you stoop to keep running a Government which has no credibility left? One rotten apple has spoilt the whole fruit basket.

Since the Prime Minister’s office and Congress could not stop it from happening, they decided to ignore the matter till the end.

They have no right to pint fingers at the Opposition when they are immersed in corruption from head to toe.

The public has lost faith in the leaders who have the job of taking care of the people who voted them to power.

They have cheated them of thousands of crores which could have given the aam aadmi a better life. Even the clean image of the Prime Minister has taken a beating and create dseveral doubts in the mind of the common man.

I am not sure whether others would learn their lesson after watching the case of A Raja or Suresh Kalmadi. There must be other people involved. Why only punish one person?

Even senior leaders in the UPA Government are fed up with the policies of the UPA-II. But they have no say; their advice has not been taken seriously and their experience is claimed as a handicap. This has been the story of the UPA Government since the day it came into power. The UP allies are living in their own world. They are prepared for a mid-term poll and if they perform badly, they will put the entire blame on the Congress.

The Prime Minister and the Congress are the only losers in the scenario. It saddedns me to see that a man who himself is so upright and honest, cannot crack the whip on wrongdoings and has to depend on Supreme Court.

It is high time that there should be stern judgements where the court cracks the whip on the wrong doers. Foreign investments will only happen once we free ourselves of corruption.

The recent judgement is a great start.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-5th.Feb.2012-"GREAT INDIAN DIVIDE"


The gaping hole between rich and poor India shows how our politicians are all about fake poll promises.

As cases of malnutrition increase, it is sad that we, who live in a privileged world, are blind to the plight of the under-privileged. I live in Delhi, the capital of this country, and as India’s GDP grows, we can’t ignore the rising poverty which has led to many negative issues. Assuming that the reports are correct, 44 per cent of children under five are underweight and under-nourished. It is pathetic to hear our politicians talk about hunger and malnutrition on national TV and say that the country is better off when compared to neighbours. They, we are told, create more trouble.

It is unfortunate that we compare ourselves to others all the time. And these comparisons come from all sorts of issues, be it terrorism, corruption or even our GDP growth. We are supposed to be the next superpower. The world sees us at par with the US and China. But when one sees the figures that talks of hunger and poverty, most Indians feel ashamed. The danger of the increasing number of malnutrition cases is that is not only leads to infant deaths and anemia in women but also to rise in crime. It has been said over and over again — the rich are becoming richer and poor, poorer. The gaping divide will obviously give rise to anti-social elements.

It is amazing how our political representatives fight tooth and nail for a rise in their salaries and perks. In the last two years, the salaries of MPs and MLAs have gone up three-folds. How can these people forget that a vast population of our country continues to struggle for roti, kapda aur makaan? It is shocking to know the reasons why our leaders do not crack the whip on businessmen who do not pay their taxes. Why is it that these people can’t be taxed when they spend crores on weddings and other such functions.

The banking system in our country is also odd. If one owes them less than a crore, they will make life of the person who has taken the loan hell, but if the debt runs in thousands of crores they lend you more. So everything is “kingsize”. It is difficult for a majority of Indians to lead a healthy and stress-free life.

How can one forget about the various schemes that the Government introduced for the down-trodden? In most cases only a small percentage of it percolates down, the rest is honestly divided among the various people at the top. What we need today is a system which will look after the interest of the poor man. It is sad that people in our country spend crores on a wedding but no one is willing to give a blanket to a poor man shivering at the roadside.

With every election, all political parties — big or small — make tall promises to voters. But then we know that once the elections will get over and a party has won, the promises also disappear only to resurface after five years. For the present, the voter is king and will be pampered. Nothing, however, will work in favour of the common man except how he needs to vote for a particular party to grab power.