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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pioneer-DilliBilli-May.27th.20​12-"With Stardom, Comes Reality"


It is unfortunate that celebrities think they can get away by breaking the law. A person should not be allowed to go scot-free just because of the superstar tag attached to them.

Celebrities and attitude, it appears, go hand in hand. Last week, we saw Shah Rukh Khan get into a fight with a security guard of Wankhede Stadium after a match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians in the IPL5. A big question looms large — would this entire issue been blown out of proportion if it had not been SRK? I am a great Shah Rukh fan. As an actor he has, over the years, matured and done some brilliant movies. When he was younger, he always put the right foot forward. He never crossed the line and he never got into quarrels. Any controversy that arose was handled with a sense of humour.

But in the last few years, we have seen that when our celebrities start losing their shine, frustration starts seeping in. In this last year alone, there have been reports of SRK hitting Farah Khan’s husband and then apologising after profusely denying that he had not manhandled Farah’s husband. There were also reports that Shah Rukh had exchanged some heated words with Amitabh Bachchan who is senior to him and not just in age. His enmity with Salman Khan is known. The fact that he paid extra attention to Katrina Kaif after she broke off with Salman also did not go well with a few people. His friendship with Karan Johar and Farah Khan who have given him his greatest hits has seen many ups and downs. It is very unfortunate that a person like SRK who has reached the top of his profession should display such unruly behaviour. And then there is the smoking in public during an IPL match in Jaipur.

Over the years, we have seen many superstars who were at the No 1 spot take their slid down in the most unbecoming fashion. Take the case of Rajesh Khanna. He was at his peak and then slowly his fan following went down. He was unable to handle this. Look at Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan today. There is no comparison at all.

It’s how you handle the situation that makes all the difference. Don’t these celebrities know that whatever goes up needs to come down as well? That is why people say that one needs to have patience. Superstar or non-superstar rules are rules and they can’t be broken. If Shah Rukh’s children were in an area where they were not supposed to be, then the guard had the full authority to usher them out. Shah Rukh Khan loves his children and family. Who doesn’t? We all do. And would go out of our way to protect them.

Shah Rukh claims that he was not drunk. His attitude during the Press conference was not in good taste. His aggressiveness and arrogance came through. Was it wrong for the guards to do their duty and let SRK and the children break the rules because they had the celebrity tag attached to them?

The clippings that one watched on TV news channels clearly showed that Shah Rukh was not only aggressive but also abusive. Even after this he expects an apology from the guards. Is this not an attitude problem? Is this how superstars behave when they realise that they are slipping up from their number one position? Or is it mid-life crisis?

Shah Rukh is always been looked upon as a gentleman and that is how he should position himself. But in the recent past his behaviour has become a cause of worry. He needs to understand that he can’t always be flying high. He needs to keep himself grounded.

Cricket is a game with rules and regulations. Everyone needs to abide by the parametres that have been set. The sooner the celebrities learn this, the better. The public is in a mood to forget and forgive. As a celebrity SRK needs to remain calm and he at his best behaviour whatever be the provocation. He is an idol of many youngsters. People want to be like him. Therefore, it is important that he act more responsibly.

Monday, May 21, 2012

DEVI CHERIAN: Pioneer-DilliBilli-May.20th.20​12-"Inaction will harm the Congress"


Blaming the grassroots worker for the dismal performance in the Assembly elections will not help. The Congress should take action against State leaders who were incharge.

The Congress had gone into a shell for a long time after its loss in the Assembly elections in five States held earlier in the year. Last week, Sonia Gandhi held a meeting of some of her party’s faithfuls. The meeting took place after a panel headed by Defence Minister, AK Antony gave its report on the reasons for the shameful debacle of the party. The report, I am told, had some interesting things to say. Not that one expected anything different. The leaders who had been incharge of the Assembly elections were allowed to go scot-free. One wonders why the Congress set up this panel if it didn’t want to punish those who were incharge of the elections. Was it just to find the real reason for its loss or did the party intend to take corrective measures on the basis of the report?

Interestingly, everybody in the party has shrugged off the findings of the report. And the Congress has once again made itself a laughing stock. I am told that the report clearly indicates sycophancy. Meanwhile, the common man is extremely tired of all the committees and panels that are set-up. They know that after all the probe and findings nothing is likely to come out of it — no action will be taken. The public is aware of what is happening around them and doesn’t need the findings of a panel to know the truth.

The Congress leaders at the Centre who led the campaign in the States however, heaved a sigh of relief. The networking and coming up plausible explanation for failure worked in their favour. And once again it was the grassroots worker who had no say during the entire campaigning was blamed for the dismal performance of the largest national party in the country. One wonders when the Congress will get rid of sycophancy that exists in its ranks. Unless and until its top leaders are held responsible for the failures, how does the party plan to improve on its performance? What the party needs to do is to make a list of areas that have remained neglected. And only then can the blame be pinned.

There is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi worked very hard in Uttar Pradesh during the election. He worked day and night. He did what was expected from him and went along with the plans that were made by senior party leaders. To put the entire blame on his shoulders would be wrong. However, the senior Congressmen can’t escape from taking the blame for the party’s loss.
An important question needs to be answered. Did the leaders purposely misguide Rahul or were they really not in touch with ground reality? Or it could be that these leaders felt that it was not in their interest that the Congress win the elections. And if the party gives a clean chit to people who were incharge of the elections, the grassroots worker is bound to look for better options. The truth is that the party’s non-performance and infighting led to its loss. The Ministers who were given the charge of steering the party to victory should have strengthened its base. The Congress State leaders and

MLAs should be held responsible.
The Congress needs a complete makeover and reshuffling. The netas who only talk big and not deliver need to be removed. Grassroots worker who has a strong hold should be given more responsibilities. The panel report shows that the party is incapable of understanding the real situation. The leaders spend their time and effort in trying to please the top brass. The result has been detrimental to the Congress.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pioneer-DilliBilli-May.13th.2012-"Society is going down the drain"


It is unfortunate that the law & order situation is worsening and the basic qualities that go into making a good human being are fast vanishing.

Last week, a woman saved her daughter from being kidnapped. In the daytime, a man in an Innova pulled the girl into his car and drove away. Hats off to the mother for her presence of mind. She followed the car on her scooter and managed to free her daughter. Courage doesn’t come with a better example.

It is unfortunate that the law and order situation is going from bad to worse. Moral and human values which are the basic qualities that go into making a good human being are vanishing fast. Senior citizens being murdered in their homes, girls being kidnapped and then gangraped has become an everyday affair.
Rather unkempt children at traffic signals begging, women with babies in arms asking for alms so that they can feed them and women faking pregnancies seeking medical expenses are commonplace.

The situation has worsened over the years. One can see people sleeping on footpaths — outside temples and under flyovers. The sad part is that these people can barely manage one square meal a day. One wonders what the country has achieved in the 60-plus years since Independence.

Is this the India that our forefathers had dreamt of? The rich are becoming richer and poor, poorer. Values have taken a beating. People are more concerned about making money through whatever means. If it comes to choosing between comfort and breaking rules, people go for the former.

It is not just the common man who feels this way. Our politicians are no better. Leaders cutting across party lines have no sympathy, sense of duty, dedication and devotion in them. The situation has reached to such a sorry pass that  doesn’t know what will happen in the next 24 hours.

Yesteryear leaders had dedication and sacrificed even their family because they felt that they had a duty towards the country. Only those decisions were taken which were in the interest of the nation. Any decisions which involved personal interest and friendship were dropped. Even women at that time took time out from their domestic work to better the society at large. They left their comfort zones, fought for the freedom and even went to prison.

Our country is extremely rich in natural resources. From J&K to Kanyakumari, we have vast stretches which are fertile. What we lack is working for the betterment of the country. Today, farmers continue to commit suicide and the Governments — Centre or States — do not take any step to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. The funds available under various schemes to help the poor are usurped by leaders and officials at the State level.

The Government officials, who are supposed to check whether the money has gone to the deserving people, look the other way and corruption goes unchecked. What is shocking is that only five per cent of the money reaches the person who deserves it. To check this, the Government will need to take concrete steps. The sense of building national character and patriotism needs to start at the school level. In fact, it should be taught as a subject.

Social workers, NGOs and welfare societies need to be more aware of the root problem and work on it rather than work on getting publicity for themselves. Poverty, diseases and hunger can be wiped out. Our nation can become forward looking and corruption free. But for this, moral values have to be in place.
The spirit of patriotism should be our priority. Hope the youth will bring about this change.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pioneer-DilliBilli-May.6th.2012-"Service, more than glamour, need of hour "


One hopes that celebrities like Tendulkar and Rekha will honour the positions given to them by serving the nation with the same passion they showed in their professional live.

With the General Election in 2014, all political parties are trying to put their house in order. However, things are not positive for the NDA or the UPA. It is amazing how fast the credibility of the two national parties — the Congress and the BJP — has gone down. The winners, of course, are the regional parties. Even during the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the main gainer was Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh. Despite the RLD being a non-visible, non-contributing political party, its chief manages to wrest a Cabinet berth and ensures that his son, friends and relatives enjoy Rahul Gandhi’s patronage.
What is keeping the Government busy these days is the Presidential elections. The BJP and other parties are busy plotting. Former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s name is a surprise. He is definitely, a class above the rest of the names doing rounds, including vice-president Hamid Ansari. One will just have to wait and see who wins.

Coming to the nominations of the names to the Rajya Sabha. The names of many celebrities has taken everybody by surprise. Nominating Sachin Tendulkar was a surprise cut which bowled over everybody. And then there is Rekha who has not said a word about her nomination. These icons will obviously lend glamour to the Rajya Sabha and raise the TRPs of the Rajya Sabha channel.

I have nothing against the nominations of these personalities to the Upper House. But the way the Government is functioning and as India’s image takes a beating internationally, I would have preferred that an intellectual or a person who could contribute to policy-making had found a place in the Rajya Sabha.

Over the years, the Upper House has been rapidly losing the respect of the public because of the number of industrialists finding their way into the House through consistent lobbying. Rekha and Tendulkar will, indeed, lend dignity to the House but one hopes that the passion that they have shown towards their profession will be diverted towards serving the nation. There have been instances where celebrities nominated to the Upper House have not attended a single session. Lata Mangeshkar is one such example. This, in my opinion, is not only an insult to the Upper House but also to the people of the country who place their confidence in them.

Those who are nominated to the Rajya Sabha and accept the post need to honour the responsibility that goes with it. With due respect to all the celebrities who have made it big in their professional life, if the country has placed  trust in them, they need to live up to it. It is not fair that a celebrity who takes the place of a person who could have contributed more by way of his expertise spends the next six years doing nothing for the country. It is the non-performance of these celebrities in Parliament that makes the public angry. More so, at a time when the nation is going through such tough times both politically and economically.

At present, we need is people who will be able to pull the country out of the crises it is going through rather than those who will lend a glamour quotient. We need people who can deliver, give advice and bring people’s problem to the forefront. Though the people are nominated to the Rajya Sabha, they fail to use the opportunity to serve the aam aadmi. It is unfortunate that even political parties nominate celebrities so that they can be used to propagate the political agenda of the party at rallies just before the elections, instead of using their popularity to spread the message of respect for elders and women. The Congress has played its card with the recent nominations to the Rajya Sabha. Let’s see if it works.