Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Pioneer-Dilli Billi-4th.Nov.2012- "WORK,NOT PERSONAL ATTACKS,GETS VOTES"


The common man is not concerned with what politicians do in personal life. They just want the leaders to deliver what they had promised during the campaign.

The much-awaited Cabinet reshuffle of the UPA Government didn’t make everyone happy. Many had been anxiously waiting for the reshuffle. It had to be postponed many times over due to various complications and compulsions of running a Government on crutches.

But in the end, the hype about the reshuffle was whether the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was given a free hand for this exercise or it was the Congress’ general secretary Rahul Gandhi who had taken charge of the re-vamp before the 2014 Lok Sabha election. One thing was clear, the reshuffle showed the party allies where their stood.

To be honest, the end result of the reshuffle was a mix of both what the Prime Minister wanted with leaders like Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal given responsibilities with promotions and Rahuil’s young brigade when the High Command placed faith in Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot. They have been given new responsibilities which they are very capable of handling. MM Pallam Raju, the new Human Resource Development Minister was supported by his godfather, Defence Minister AK Antony. And then there is Manish Tiwari. Nobody in the Cabinet knows better than him on how to deal with the media. Hence giving him the I&B Ministry was a master stroke.

Meanwhile, the preparation for the 2014 General Elections are underway. The BJP and the Congress along with their allies have already started to point fingers at each other. With charges of corruption being levied, the leaders have lost control over their language. It is impossible for somebody with integrity and honesty to try and make a place for themselves in today’s politics. It is remarkable that politicians have not realised yet that the public is not interested in listening to derogative remarks made about opponents. They don’t cast their vote because a leader is targeting another on the personal front. The public may have got used to corrupt politicians but not the ones who do not deliver on what has been promised. The common man wants results. It doesn’t matter to him what the leader does in his personal life.

Coming back to the reshuffle. The new list of Ministers in the Manmohan Singh Government are young, educated, bright and honest. None of them are likely to use abusive language, unlike the senior leaders whom we see on TV fighting, rushing into the well of the House and sometimes even throwing chappals at each other.

What the public wants today is development. Development in the name of progress. He wants that the Government should have a fullproof system which makes it possible for him to be able to provide his family basic needs.

Any leader who is able to deliver what he promised would win hands down. For the aam aadmi nothing else matters. Even the uneducated youth who forms a major votebank today, are aware of what is happening around them.

In Himachal Pradesh, the statement made by Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi have not gone down well with the locals. The people in State respect their womenfolk and live with dignity. The politicians would have to change their way of thinking and think twice before they open their mouth.

The leaders today need to live by example for the youth of tomorrow.