Monday, August 30, 2010


"Kids of politicos finding a niche in politics"

Politics seems to be the latest flavour of high powered youth in India. We thus have more sons and daughters of political leaders of all parties joining politics. We had a whole new youth brigade in the Congress which came in with first Sanjay and then Rajiv Gandhi. Some faded away while the charismatic ones stayed on, worked hard and are today India’s top leaders like Chidambaram, Gulam Nabi Azad, Ambika Soni etc. Now as the next generation of Gandhi’s- Rahul Gandhi has moved in he has also got new youth power with him. Witness Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasad, Sachin Pilot and others. The difference though being that Rajiv’s youth brigade was not so much from the political class itself, he picked up youth leaders, some from his brother Sanjay Gandhi’s time and some that were totally new. In Rahul’s time the one’s seen in parliament at least are largely sons and daughters of already popular leaders. We now also have Jaivardhan Singh who has joined the Youth Congress. Jaivardhan is a member of a royal family from Guna district in Madhya Pradesh and the youngest child of Digvijay Singh the former Chief Minister and now U.P’s Congress General Secretary. Jaivardhan is a Doon School product and then went to Mumbai for his college. He is fondly called ‘J.V’ by his father. In Madhya Pradesh this is not the first time that a Congress leader has joined politics. Arjun Singh’s son is an MLA in Madhya Pradesh, Jyotiraditya Scindia, (Madhav Rao’s son) and Arun Yadav the son of PCC Chief Subhash Yadav are already in play.

"Checking Mamata's clout"

As the elections are nearing in Bengal all the political parties have taken it for granted that Mamta Didi is soon going to be the next Chief Minister. Karat and his party have more or less given up, the local Congress worker is not only demoralized but is also very upset with the kind of treatment Mamta has meted out towards them. That’s one reason why the Congress in Bengal is very keen to push in Pranab Mukherjee’s son. Abhijit Mukherjee who is the General Manager of the corporate social responsibility department of the Steel Authority of India. He is a low profile government servant and does not interact very often with anyone and shies away from the media. Abhijit is now being forced by the local Bengal Congress men to come and join politics now so that the Congress workers there will be a little more optimistic and strong in the coming elections.

"Games is holiday time for many"
Mani Shanker Aiyer has once again slammed the Common Wealth Games as a work of evil and has said that he will be leaving the country during the two weeks of the games. Well, Mani is not the only who is heading out of the capital during the games. Every Delhiite you meet is planning on leaving town for those days. Can’t blame them either. With rains creating havoc in the Capital and the Common Wealth Game’s work, there is an excess of rubble lying all over so the capital traffic has almost come to a stand still. The spread of dengue too has the blame squarely put on the digging going on in the city by none less than the Health Minister. On Sunday the games lane trial led to traffic jams on it. As the free loaders who are all guests of the CWG from the world over, start arriving in the city around 20th September Delhites are going to find it a big problem to even commute. The Common Wealth Game’s Chief Suresh Kalmadi, the MCD and the Lt. Governor’s office in the meanwhile are busy blaming each other roundly for the mess created. Last week as a not ditch effort Suresh Kalmadi got A.R Rehman to town for the launch of music CD of game’s anthem. But unfortunately for Kalmadi there was no song even ready but Kalmadi made sure that Rehman used the platform to portray a positive image of the country. The lyrics he lamely explained would be ready in the next couple of weeks. With no top athletes coming in, no hotel bookings coming in, corruption charges flying high the fed up Delhites would rather leave town than be stuck in traffic jams powerlessly during this time.


"Hike of being unreasonable"

When the parliament is in session and you are bored just switch on your T.V. you will get to see the live proceedings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The proceedings are amusing and at the same time very annoying to the spectator. It also makes us introspect that are these the people we voted for or have they changed with power? There is no dignity left in the house with no respect for anyone. The two Yadavs, Mulayam and Lalu are together now. Mulayam being the silent pehlwan and Lalu taking over from where Amar Singh left, being Mulayam’s voice. The hungama created around the pay hike for themselves, these MPs were unashamedly without any self respect clamoring for more. The proceedings were stalled because they want one rupee more than the highest beaurocrat paid in the country. That is after they got 200% increase in their salary. Keeping in mind that these MPs are nowhere near poverty line and with their perks included they get approximately 61 lakhs now. Free housing in the center of town with electricity, phones, and travel all paid for. Free security and perks for the whole family too. They are one of the highest paid in the world. In U.K. they took radical steps to slash salaries of public servants to rein in fiscal deficit. Here while the poor is getting poorer and there are starvation deaths, our MPs are getting greedier and pockets heavier. The politicians themselves are fighting for an increase but do their increase commensurate with their work? No where? Once elected they now-a-days forget their duties. Should there not be a commission of non-parliamentarians who determine what should be the entire package for MPs?

These MPs have prime location all paid for, accommodation in the capital. Why shouldn’t they be given temporary accommodation while parliament is in session? The other times they should be in the constituency where they are supposed to be. Once in Delhi they are not available to their constituents. And for the constituents to travel to Delhi is impossible to pay for transport to reach here. As it is the common man always says that the politicians are self serving class and are insensitive towards the people’s need but are very demanding about their own. The mock parliament enacted by the opposition was so insulting and in bad taste. Thank God! Senior leaders of the BJP also objected to it. But it is a shame that our MPs are not setting a good impression towards the people of this country and abroad. It is o.k. to be vocal about your demands but to stall parliament proceedings which costs crores of rupees is getting worse by the day. Hopefully these M.Ps will not end up looking like a Trade Union of sorts led by Lalu Yadav. It is also amusing to see that most of our Members of Parliament are crorepatis, 58% of them have declared their assets above crores and as they fight for more at the time of high inflation and economic distress the public just watches in dismay. Holding up parliament proceedings has become a done thing for these MPs. It’s a shame and the ‘aam-aadmi’ is disgusted.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Writer daughter raises toast to PM dad"

It was a week of book releases in the capital. The week started with the book release of Prime Minister’s daughter Daman Singh. Must hand it to the Delhiwallahs that even as Delhi was jammed and traffic had come to a stand still because of a heavy rain, the guests here actually arrived on time. This is Daman’s second work of fiction. Daman as in her first book is still clearly blessed with a dry sense of humour which kept the guests laughing. Her mother Gursharan Kaur released the book with most of her family, that is sans papa, were present. Her older sister Upinder with her husband and son were present. Daman’s husband Ashok Patnaik is a senior I.B Officer and they have one teenage son both of who botened carefully as excerpts of the book were read by educationist Abha Adams. Montek Singh Ahluwalia and his wife Isher Ahluwalia were present and looked very much at home as part of the family affair. At the launch of her second book Daman raised a toast to her father for the high moral standards set for her and her sister’s by him. Daman is now turning her attention on her parent’s biography where she wants to understand her parents as a couple and individually too. Though no one spelt it out the day could also have been termed as a celebration of sorts as the P.M has topped the list of ten top leaders of the world just that day.

"Kites dot Independence Day sky"

The sky in Delhi this year on Independence Day saw thousands of kites flying free in the sky. It was a great tribute on 15th of August. The old Delhiwallahs from Lal Kuan where the kite bazaar is, just let loose thousands of peace kites for Independence Day. Though its also part of seasonal joyfulness since traditionally during the saawan kite-flying is a common feature on important occasions like Rakshabandhan and Janamashtami. Even as there are fashionable and modern kites with pictures of heroines, film actors, wrestlers and fancy signs on them, the Tricolor out numbered them all. There are Chinese kites also available now which are a bit more expensive but are in demand for their elaborate and exotic shapes. If you ask one of the old Delhiwallahs about kite-flying being very popular on Independence Day and Republic Day they will give you a variety of reasons. It was an expression of freedom and has been going on for decades. Patangbaazi as they call it in tricolor is to show their patriotism. It is also become a part of specific festivals and occasions in various parts of the country. On other time in Rajasthan and Gujarat it is auspicious on Makar Sankranti, in South it is on Pongal, in Punjab Basant Panchami but in capital it is Independence Day and Republic Day when you will see the sky full of this tricolor kites. It could also be that this generation of elders is trying to introduce the idea of nationalism and pride by involving children into activities like this rather than going to the malls where they are packaging patriotism by announcing promotions and discounts for Independence Day.

"Khushwant, 95, proactive as ever"

The second book release where Gursharan Kaur Singh had a great time was at Khushwant Singh’s book launch. On his 95th birthday Khushwant may have become frail but he is as proactive and productive as ever and his sense of humour is all there. At this birthday party cum launch of Khushwant’s latest book, it was clear that the Prime Minister’s family shared an old relationship with Khushwant. For a change in this book there was no malice just praise for Manmohan Singh. He has rated Manmohan Singh as best Prime Minister the country has better had, even than Nehru. Seated next to Khushwant Singh patiently, Gursharan Singh heard praises of Khushwant Singh from MJ Akbar and Mani Shankar Aiyar. MJ said that Khushwant has trained an entire generation of journalists and how he taught them how to get out of the way and not fall in love with words. Khushwant even praised Mani Shankar Aiyar for his attack on Common Wealth Games Chairman Suresh Kalmadi. With people who have been close to him through his life, Khushwant seemed relaxed and happy on his birthday party. Gursharan Kaur went home happily as Khushwant bookmarked page 69 in which he has praised the Prime Minister and gave to her. It was clear to all that evening that Khushwant had not lost his acidic tongue as he commented on various goings on in the political scenario in the country.

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-26th-Aug-10

"Where were the corporates?"

The world was dumb struck and full of sympathy as one watched on T.V. the people in Ladakh cry and shriek with pain after the floods destroyed the scenic hills and took so many lives.

The J&K government headed by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah did the best he could under the circumstances. The Indian government sent support and several senior Union Ministers were also flown off to access the situation first hand. I’m amazed at how our corporate world takes so long to save situations and help when tragedies like this hit in remote areas. Every second industrialist today has a private plane, I would have expected them to send relief stuff in bulks to help the affected immediately. It is a shame as usual that it is only the government who is left to provide food, clothing and shelter.

It is unfortunate that once again tourism is going to be hit at this sensitive time in Leh and Ladakh for the future. This was the only part of Kashmir which was termed as safe and beautiful abroad. But the kind of upheavals that the tourists have faced in the aftermath of this tragedy, foreigners will think twice before coming to this area. A wrong message has been sent when you see on international channel of how foreigners are stranded and how the help was too less. Pictures of stranded foreigners were shown time and again as they stood helping in taking out bodies from the debris. The Kashmir government has done their level best but it is also the duty of the central government to make sure that the rehabilitation work is done properly and not only in papers. Prime Minister and Rahul Gandhi’s trip did reassure the locals though.

As it is Omar is stuck in Kashmir between trouble making politicians. Omar is well meaning, well bred, honest and does want to make his stint as a remarkable Chief Minister. But there is no doubt he is inexperienced. The Kashmir politicians that Omar is surrounded with are quietly watching the situation. They could help the situation if they want but are waiting for his government to fall eventually. The internal politics of the Congress in the state is not positive. The PDP the less said the better ‘Mehbooba’ is sitting pretty insulting even the Prime Minister. One does feel sorry for Omar stuck between these hard core savvy leaders. But does he have a choice? At the moment ‘No’. The only choice he has of now is to suggest himself to the Centre that he recommends Governors rule till the situation is better. Then he can step back after a couple of months. There is a wave of sympathy for Omar who understand how he has been targeted too.

The Centre at the moment has given him all support but now they are also a bit jittery. Kashmiri’s are at it everyday, little kids throwing stones, women on the streets shouting slogans and schools, shops all closed. What is the future of these children growing up in these circumstances? Obviously they will be easily swayed by easy money from wrong sources as funding by the anti-national elements is easily available. But whatever the situation one does feel sorry for the common man there. The Home Minister has been a pillar of strength for Omar. But it is sad that the situation is going from bad to worse. The High Command had better take stock or the situation may worsen. The international media is all out showing such a negative side of Kashmir and how the Indian government cannot handle it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribune Chatterati-17th.Aug.10

"Portrait of Rahul, the highlight of the show"

This is not the first time that one of the family members the Gandhi’s / Nehru’s have been painted a portrait of. The famous artist Sanjay Bhattacharya’s portrait of Rahul Gandhi was the highlight at an art show in the capital last week. The art show was called ‘India Imagined in the Present’. The oil painting of the AICC General Secretary titled ‘Let the Flowers Grow’ measured 6/4 feet. In 1994 the same artist Sanjay Bhattacharya had painted a portrait of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi titled ‘Landscape of a Man’. The background of both the Gandhi’s is of ‘Kashmir’. Kashmir it is a well known fact is specially a soft spot with the first family. In Rajiv’s painting the flower’s symbolized his children Rahul and Priyanka, but in Rahul’s painting the flower symbolizes youth. The canvas was picked up at the very beginning even as Sheila Dikshit inaugurated this exhibition, for 25 Lacs by an unknown buyer. There were many other pieces which had other Indian heroes from Gautam Buddha to Guru Nanak to film star Amitabh Bachan. It was clearly a successful exhibition as within just an hour twenty four art pieces were sold. The Delhi Chief Minister was her graceful self and praised all the artists at the show.

"Walls become a canvas for artists"

Not discouraged by the mess in Delhi thanks to the Common Wealth Committee officials the citizens quietly are doing what they can for the games. Delhi walls have become a canvas for six artists. They are going to make the walls more “alive and interactive”. This is to show the visitors for the Commonwealth Games a more positive and young side of Delhi. This initiative has been taken by six young artists – two designers, a photographer, a PR professional and a restaurant owner. They meet every Sunday at a spot to paint the wall, working 10 – 14 hours at a stretch. Their work has nothing political about it and they don’t want to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. In the beginning the authorities were a bit apprehensive but now have allowed this group to paint some walls in Hauz Khas Village and Khan Market. Delhites will now have artistic and colorful walls rather than political sloganeering, film, posters and communal graffiti. The response has been great and they always have the general public gathering to encourage them onto their self-appointed efforts.

"Sonia set to make record"

Sonia Gandhi is all set to create a record in the Congress party’s history for being its longest-serving Chief. Her re-election as the Congress President – which has been postponed is just a formality. Sonia is the only Congress Chief who has been in office for 15 years so breaking the party record in general and the existing Gandhi family record in passing.
Sonia was elected party President on December 9, 1998 at the party’s Kolkatta conference. Now after re-election for another three-year term, she would at that time have had an uninterrupted 15 years. The rest of the organizational elections are now likely to be completed by December after the Bihar polls. Sonia’s re-election need not wait till December and any 10 Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) delegates can propose her name. Rahul Gandhi’s desire to bring in transparency in the organizational elections has resulted in delay on his turf. Rahul is trying hard to bring internal democracy in the Indian National Youth Congress and the National Students’ Union of India by holding the organizational elections. But unfortunately the bid to democratize the party has not fructified as complaints of bogus voters clog some States and low enrolment is a problem in others.
Rahul made, photo identity a must for enrolment of new members. There was resistance and as photographers were not available in some villages and women were camera shy in others. Several bogus members were enrolled too, to impress the High Command but the mandatory photo ID resulted in a dip in the enrolment. But at least available members seem to be genuine now. Rahul is interested in going to the grass root and create this new cadre base. He wants to ensure transparency in organizational elections. So enrollment of new members may be less but he insists it should be genuine. We will see the results of these unique moves in the next few weeks and months. Hopefuls are expecting a rejuvenation for a Party that currently looks inexplicably under siege with no real enemies in sight.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-15th-Aug-10

"Time for accountability"

As the monsoon session proceeds the public is amused, angry and disgusted by
the drama enacted everyday by our law makers in parliament. As of now we have the
corruption in the Common Wealth Games making headlines every minute along with
the price rise . The ordinary citizen cannot figure out the slogan of the Congress –‘Aam Aadmi’ anymore. While the ‘Aam Aadmi’ today is buying ‘dal’ for Rs 150 a kg, theCommon Wealth committee is eating up the tax payer’s money left, right and center. We are used to corruption in our daily life today. But atleast we want deliverance. Where the Prime Minister has made tall claims of India is a force to reckon with, to the outside world, where Obama has said that India’s future is bright, a common Indian feels cheated and insulted by the insensitive government. It is they who have to struggle through the day to make ends meet.

Blaming the Common Wealth Chief is not fair. The whole organizing committee
of the Common Wealth Games is at fault. The government of Delhi is also a party to
all this. I’m of course upset but also so amused by the figures one sees splashed
over the media about the kind of expenses that have been spent on rental of machines
and even garbage bags are rented. My question is the same as every Indian. That
how everything is going to be ready on time? With 50 days left for Common Wealth
Games, with the monsoon in full swing for next 3 weeks, what is that we can deliver?
Top athletes from all over the world have opted out. Indian sports person are
miffed with the kind of behavior they are subjected to by these members of the
committee. There is no accountability, and nobody knows where the buck stops. The
blame game is on. We know, now the work will start on top speed and lots of glamour
will be added as usual. Painting, denting on the top layers will be done leaving the
inside infrastructure weak. Delhiets are not interested in it anymore, we have been
disgraced world over and no amount of frills can hide the dirt and sleaze. So all
the stadiums that are being built should be used for some other resource building
activities and the money we spend on useless infrastructure just for the benefit of
the games should be diverted to more useful ‘Aam-Aadmi’ daily use. There is so much
poverty in this nation, we can use it.

It is impossible that anybody can cover up the scam. Even the Queen in England
has shown concern over it. If the Congress party does not take action, it will be a
wrong signal. It will be a disaster for the Congress party and for anyone else
who tries to cover up this loot where everybody seems to be a partner. Just
throwing out two of Kalmadi’s men and putting a blame on them is again sacrificing
small fish and saving the sharks. The Congress leadership should make sure that the
guilty here are punished and our sports person are given what is due to them.Thatis
by giving them enough time to familiarize themselves in this great mega event, then
atleast we may win some medals.

The people of this country expect some action from the honest Prime Minister and
Sports Minister and an account from Finance Minister of this nation.

Monday, August 9, 2010


"Kalmadi and co. wine, dine and dance !"

Despite all the flak and as the games panel starts to fry small fish, Suresh Kalmadi and his team are partying hard. Suresh Kalmadi recently hosted a cocktail dinner party for the visiting British Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Jeremy Hunt and the UK track legend Sebastian Coe in Delhi. This was supposed to be a private affair at the hotel Hyatt with the organizing committee members and some friends. The guests for the evening were having a jolly good time and were quite excited about how the mega sporting event is just 60 days away. It’s very difficult when everyone is gunning for you and you still are in a jovial mood through the evening. While Suresh Kalmadi and his wife Meera were dancing on Hindi Classical songs it was Farooq Abdullah as usual who danced through the evening keeping everyone on their feet. Jagdish Tytler seemed quite amused by all this and sat chatting with Ramesh Sharma and Umagajpati Raju. Surprisingly the two main visiting guests of the evening were missing from the party scene and were hurdled in a room having dinner quietly with Olympic Chief Randhir Singh in the same hotel. The others present were dancer Shovana Narayan, Member of Parliament K.P.S. Deo along with some designers and Page3. Well it’s good to see that the organizing committee of common wealth games may be in a soup but their spirits are still up and about.

"Big sharks frying the small fish"

Delhi is embarrassed about the Common Wealth Games now that the can of worms closed and putrid, has finally been opened. But as is usual, with all such rape and pillage of the public ex-chequer is concerned the big sharks are frying the small fish to try and cover up the scam worth thousands of crores. Unusually, the story has dominated the front pages of papers and hogged T.V. headlines consistently for over two weeks; a record of sorts. Suresh Kalmadi and company are most definitely on the run now; with their own senior most congress colleagues, embarrassed into actually attacking them in public. Despite being reined in by the party both Sports minister Gill and Mani Shanker Aiyer have not spared attacking the boss of the CWG. Of course there are other culprits too but for the moment the main target remains the organizing committee which has spent money from the public exchequer in a manner that cannot even be described as merely irresponsible. Surely the price is paid for toilet paper and garbage bags will exceed any international measures of public profligacy. Now it remains for the culprits to try and save their skins by making a plea to save the games. Their point, India’s prestige is at stake. It’s certainly may be, but with the scale of loot this time there is certainly more at stake than national pride. We have become a laughing stock of the world and disgraced internationally.

"Love life of Tharoor"

The love life of politicians rarely dominates the ‘official’ Delhi scene. It’s whispered about and whimpered around. But rarely is it in defined public view as in the case of Sunanda-Sashi serial. Played out between Delhi’s elite drawing rooms and even massive ‘Shani’ temple’s around the country, the frenzy is building. Even though the wedding will take place on Kerala day faraway in Kerala Delhi’s political chattering classes are amazed at how voluntarily visible this courtship has been. Tharoor’s presence in parliament and Delhi during this session has ensured more than embassy crowd gets to gossip about the Sunanda factor- soon to be an official part of Delhi’s social scene. Though neither is a newbie to marriage having been around the block a couple of times, the intensity of PDA “public display of affection” has left even blasé Delhites gasping for air. Tharoor’s ambition, once he has made Sunanda his bride are seriously Kerala centric. Which explains the choice of wedding dates and venue. But this also means that he will spend more time traversing the state then Delhi may be deprived of its current source of eye candy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-5th.Aug.10

"Delhi's sum of all fears"

As time has changed, we all need to adjust to them. I have lived in Delhi for the last two decades. Coming from Shimla, I still think I am a small town girl. But the way Delhi has changed since last decade is alarming. I live in a posh colony which has improved in the years. It is greener and I must say that the roads are pretty well maintained. But one feels a danger lurking everywhere.
For the first time in my life there is fear in me, I am actually scared of stepping out alone or being in the car which is not locked from inside or going to a market place where I have to look over my shoulder all the time to see whether there is a chain snatcher who can attack me. I go to sleep every night after making sure that all doors and windows have been bolted, I never did that five years back. I had it done by the help of the house. Today I don’t trust them too even though they have been with me for decades.
I have a middle aged maalish-waali who came to me crying last week. Her chain was snatched by a goon at Lajpat Nagar and in the process she bruised her neck badly and sprained her hand trying to save the chain. The other day at the Lodhi red-light right in front of my eyes I witnessed that a Maruti in front of me which had the windows open, a man rushed out from the bushes put his hand into the passenger’s seat and ran away back into the bushes with the lady’s handbag. There was nothing that one could do. My friend’s son who was driving his jeep and was assaulted by hijackers when he stopped to ask for some instructions to a colony. They caught him by his arm and pulled him out from the driving seat and drove away his new Fortuner. In Nizamuddin East where I reside, one night at a friend’s double storey house, robbers came into the ground floor took away curios and other stuff while the owner was sleeping in the first floor. Thank god, they did not get up or they would have lost their lives too.
These are some of the instances that I narrate here which have got me to look over my shoulder all the time. It is obviously a case of hunger, survival or could be easy money too for the culprit. But is it fair on the resident of the city to be always fearful of what may strike them any moment? A woman fears for the safety of her husband and kids when they go out and suspiciously looks at every person who rings the door bell of her front door whether it is the postman or a vendor. When will we get used to this way of life? It will become a part of our living. Sad, but true. The cops and administration help as much as they can. These are very minor crimes when one has to deal with rapes, murders and now Khap honour killings. One fails to understand if one is going forward backward in this day and age.

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-5th.July.10

We are taught as children by our parents, elders of the house and our teachers to be polite, to think before we speak and not to use harsh words which may hurt others feelings. And of course not to hit below the belt. The new BJP President Nitin Gadkari has obviously forgotten all those teachings or becoming the BJP President at a young age has gone to his head and he has lost it. His name to take over the party was a surprise to one and all I am sure including him too. We all know he is a RSS man and as he claimed to failed as if now. The frustration of the Opposition is not lost to anyone.
In the BJP there have been leaders like Vajpayee, Advani even Jaswant and Yashwant who have hit out time and again at the Congress but not using language that is unparliamentarily & insulting. Gadkari, it seems wants to create an atmosphere or an aura around him at the moment where he will be noticed and talked about. It is also a part of political agenda. People like us may object to his way of functioning or his use of language. But I am sure that the masses he is trying to impress and appeal to like this language and aggressive behaviour that may connect to it because he is going down to that level but is this the right way of politics? In a democracy, political parties are an integral aspect of civil society which, by definition, abjures violence, including that of language. The present BJP Chief has had his position thrust upon him as a historical irony. It is up to him to grow into the graces and intellectual suaveness that his position demands, and not continue to be held back by ways of the mofussil counter-elite.
The Congress or the NCP or the Communists don’t have this way of functioning and they still get votes. Rahul Gandhi barely speaks or the new MPs like Supriya Suley or Akhilesh Singh Deo from Orissa also need their presence felt but they need to do it through work, determination and dignity. You don’t need to insult someone or use foul language to make your presence felt. On national television where children in houses are watching such shows, a bad impression this guy must be leaving on their mind. It is high time that all political parties think before they speak and do not come out to personal attacks and foul languages. Why is it that non-Congress people who come down to spoil decorum of an institution, how can you have Tea, Samosas and Biryani sitting in Vidhan Sabha? It is disgusting and painful. It is sad to see how low our politicians can fall to create a sensation. Statements can be made and have a better effect when the intelligent, witty and to the point. I wish the RSS and BJP High Command ask their new President to a bit more civilized so that the public can atleast switch on the television and read the newspaper which they can share with their children who are future of this country.

The Tribune Chatterati-5th.Aug.10

The most wanted model today in Bengal is ‘Didi’. The Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee was furious with the manufacturers of the ‘Ajanta Hawai Chappals’ for publishing an advertisement using her photograph. She was seen in this picture wearing Hawai chappals. But undoubtedly Mamata is the most wanted model in Bengal today by leading manufacturers of cotton saris. The cotton jhola that Mamata carries on her shoulder is now fast becoming a fashion statement in Bengal. The small timer traders think that they can make a fortune now by marketing these cotton bags as Didi’s first choice. The hawai chappals, cotton saris and the jhola which is the Railway Minister’s cultivated image for her common people’s leader never realized that her style would be used by businessmen to promote their products. But with Mamata now having lost her cool with the ‘Aajanta Shoe Company’. The other jhola and sari guys are thinking twice.

Can you guess who is the most wanted and popular among Opposition and non-UPA leaders, its V.Narayanaswamy? He is affectionately called ‘Samy’. Any disruption in the Lok Sabha, the three Yadavs – Lalu, Mulayam and Sharad – summons ‘Samy’ to their seats and convey their sentiments to the treasury benches. Samy loves the attention but he does also declines. Even leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj has been heard calling him during disruptions to drive home a point or two. Narayanaswamy is an easy person so gets along with everyone. He talks less but is a good listener and helpful. Even in the A.I.C.C headquarters he is popular person because of his easy access and good humour is also hospitable. As he remarked to someone who wanted ‘Badam Milk’. He answered “I can serve you tea but this milk is too expensive for me”.

Delhi is full of surprises. We now have a special commando force in the city. This Commando force has been set up to lend a sympathetic ear to lovers. The members of the force are over 2000 professionals ranging from Lawyers, Teachers, Human Rights Activists and Media Persons. This is a step taken by civilians to try and curb the rising number of dictators from Khap Panchayats. We have had a number of honour killings in the capital which has created a threat to youngsters in relationships. There is a 24 hour helpline to help the harassed couples who are threatened by their family or community. The love commando will contact a lawyer providing legal help and also organize counseling sessions for the couple to face up to the upcoming challenges.
Well after getting a lawyer and a counselor and saving the young the extra helping is that they will also provide a pandit who will perform marriage. But the witness has to be friends and at least one relative. The Police has been confirmed to help them as long as it is done within the strict confines of the law.
The Capital cannot yet come to terms with the sense that Amar Singh is too often missing in action. He has been missing in all political and social circles but his presence at the “Raavan” premier raised many eyebrows. There was a time when the Bachchan parivaar and Anil Amabni did not move a step without Amar Singh. The Amar, Akbar, Anthony version of Anil, Amitabh and Amar attracted too much ‘nazar’ say some. Anil is back with brother Mukesh; Amitabh is now Shahrukh Khan’s pal and very warm towards Samajwadi leader Akhilesh Yadav and his wife Dimple. They are often seen having cozy dinners while Amar Singh is left singing praises of Mayawati. Political pundits insist that Amar has lost physical, political weight and social clout. Amitabh had asked Jaya Bachchan not to take up the offer for the Rajya Sabha berth from the Samajwadi Party. It was keeping in mind that Amar Singh would be upset and lash out. Public may say that the Bachchans’ have lived up to their reputation of not being good friends.
In London last week Amitabh Bachchan and Amar Singh were staying at the same Hotel. But conveniently minutes before Amar Singh’s arrival Amitabh made a hasty departure as someone informed him that Amar was walking in. This is surely an indication that the inseparable friends had drifted.