Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tribune-Chatterati-May.30th.2011

"The way of the political world"

Powers change, equations change and for those who lose, it's not a good scenario. It can be real tough. As Jayalalitha was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the ripples were felt in Delhi at Tamil Nadu House too.

Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi walked all alone with the luggage in her hand and no assistance or hanger-on came out to drop her to the car after she emptied her Chief Minister's suite. When you are at the bottom, it can be lonely. It is a sad sight to see the sad face of Kanimozhi as the poor thing is not too sure what her fate will be. How long will she be in Tihar? Well, as they say in politics you never know what the future holds for you or how long one is going to rule. It is a proven fact now that the public will not forgive corruption anymore and they cannot be bought at any rate. But she has been on extremely good behaviour and is facing it bravely.Jayalalitha and Mamata are real tough cookies. As one watches them daily now, one cannot help notice that Jayalalitha has taken off her famous cloak which she used to wear as Chief Minister in her last term. She has lost weight and it seems that age has caught up with this famous southern actress.

On the other hand, Mamata Bannerjee now adorns a white chaddar on top of the sari. It was there when she won and it was there when she came to call on Mrs Gandhi. Superstition or just a new style of dressing? While Jayalalitha seems sober and humble, Mamata cannot hide her excitement and is glowing.

Well, during the elections Jayalalitha didn't really have to work hard as she sat in a house in Ooty relaxed and confident that the Tamil Nadu people would throw the corrupt out. Mamata, on the other hand, had been busy fighting the Left till the very end. So lots of fun in the next couple of weeks as they form new alignments with the national leaders at the Centre. It's their time, why not enjoy it while it lasts!
"Indians make their mark"

There is no doubt that Indians have made it big--quite big internationally. The grand wedding of Britain-based industrialist Pramod Agarwal's daughter, Vinita to Muqit Teja which was hosted in Venice cost a bomb. It was estimated to be around 10 million euros, had about 800 guests and over 72 hours of celebration.

The high point of which was a performance by world renowned Shakira. A flight full of friends and relatives left from Mumbai and

Delhi to solemnize the event, which had even different Indian cuisines.

This is the most talked-about wedding since Lakshmi Mittal's daughter in Paris in 2004. Lakshmi Mittal, the steel tycoon, got Kylie Minogue to croon at the shaadi.

The best and most original part was the 'script' penned by Javed Akhtar, while the music was done by Shankar Mahadevan and the dance moves were choreographed by Farah Khan. Film stars were garlanded here as Shahrukh, Juhi Chawla, Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherji acted as the members of the family and put together the couple's romance on stage. Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya too danced at this wedding.

High-profile weddings are the flavour of the rich. This March, Delhi and Mumbai socialites/businessmen hosted weddings in Monte Carlo and Monaco, which had performances by artists like Akon.

Pioneer-Dilli-Billi-29th.May.2011-"FALLING SHORT ON PERFORMANCE"


As the UPA completes two years in power, an analysis throws up a host of imperfections and problems

The UPA-II has completed two years of governance. Questions are being raised about the performance of the Government. Actually, the review is not encouraging. The UPA has announced several schemes thereby fuelling the expectations of the poor. Will these schemes see the light of the day? Will the dreams turn into reality? Today, the public does not easily forgive and forget. This is apparent from the results of the Assembly elections.

The UPA-I was a success story. It was a success story because the governance was good. We had the Left who scrutinised every move and action of the Government. I can’t recount one instance where the Government passed anything that looked a little suspicious to the Left. There were no scandals. No one dared to think of anything which could help them make some easy money. They acted as watchdogs and hence, they did not make many friends. In my view, the absence of a watchdog in UPA-II is the reason behind the loss of Government’s credibility.

In the UPA-II regime, the Congress members are lost and speechless. The allies of the Government have made many mistakes — DMK in Tamil Nadu or the NCP in Maharashtra. Only Mamata Banerjee has had a clean and clear vision of winning West Bengal. With the victory in West Bengal, the UPA-II has become stronger. With DMK losing power in Tamil Nadu due to corruption charges, the Congress will have to look for new like-minded allies if they want to win the 2014 General Elections. The Congress is not naive enough to be happy with the fact that they have got power in several states. Actually, their allies have won and which will eventually cut into their cadre base. Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha, Mayawati and the BJP-ruled States have hardly any Congress grassroot cadre left. If they had, then we would have had a jail bharo in every State when Rahul Gandhi was arrested in UP. Everyone knows that cadre base in UP is nil. The Congress would have given Mayawati regime a headache everyday if a Congress grassroot worker or leader was there, not leaders who are hand in glove with the BSP, the SP and the BJP. One must remember when Indira Gandhi was arrested, the jails were filled with Congress party workers.

The Congress has had to deal with allies who are troubling it, increasing corruption charges, price rise and uncontrollable inflation. To top it all, the Congress leaders are unavailable to the workers. The pie is being eaten by the hardworking grassroot regional parties while the Congress has had to satisfy itself with crumbs.

The ‘real’ Congress worker is amazed at the apathetic attitude of the top brass. They are not bothered about the plight of the worker who has dedicated his life to the party. New faces are cropping up with flop ideas while the old people are praying that good sense prevails.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Tribune-Chatterati-May.23rd.2011

"Rahul learns to steal the limelight"

It is now apparent that Rahul Gandhi has finally learnt that the media is not as bad as he thought it was. Things seem to have changed after Greater Noida. In the past whenever Rahul saw a TV crew, he got nervous and his body language was quite unfriendly. The young Gandhi seems to have realized the power of the media. The same night when the Rapid Action Force took over the village, it surprised the waiting Rahul and the media. Then Rahul's body language was the biggest surprise for all. He was friendly to the cameras, lingering long enough for them to get a good footage of the arrest and even stopped with his entourage to give them interesting sound bytes.
Later, too, when he called on the Prime Minister with farmers, he himself walked up to the mikes and fielded questions. Looks like the reticent Rahul has learnt to steal the limelight after realising that other politicians make more noise and work less. In fact, it is Maya Behenji who has not given any media bytes after this incident.
"Tweeting all the rage"

Tweeting seems to be a big thing amongst the politicians. It can do a lot of good, but on the other hand it can damage in a way which can leave you scarred for a long time.
Shashi Tharoor was one example of tweeting which went wrong for an intelligent man. The older lot of politicians, the seasoned ones, do not believe in tweeting or in other words we could say that they are not so savvy with the high-tech Blackberrys and I-Pads. It is a great way of communication for socializing.
Sushma Swaraj's tweeting on the 'Kashmir Chalo' on 15th August raised some controversies. Omar Abdullah's tweeting at times has raised many eyebrows. But Omar's tweet on the Rahul Gandhi's pillion-ride to Noida had many burst into laughter.
The comments were "Anyone taking bets on how quickly Mayawati come out with her handbag swinging," he said in a tweet. He also had time to "welcome back" a television anchor who he "missed".
"Hey welcome back. I'd say you were missed, but someone will tell me I'm flirting so will just say - you were missed," the Chief Minister tweeted.
"If I were Rahul I'd commission a statue of Mayawati and garland it every year on the 11th of May for this huge political favour she's done."
These tweets were so funny.
It is good to have politicians those who can tweet in a humorous yet sensible way. In fact, it's good to see this side of politicians too.
"Vijender walks down the aisle"

Our Haryanvi boxer met his match, wooed her and married her quickly. Olympic bronze medalist boxer Vijender Singh wed Delhi girl Archana Singh in a small and private ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.
Even though the media was more or less kept away from the actual ceremony, the shutterbugs and reporters surrounded the gates of the Safdarjung Flying Club for a glimpse of simpleton Vijender's family, friends and a few high-profile guests who came to congratulate the couple.
As the wedding ceremony ended, Vijender Singh and his newlywed wife Archana came outside and posed for the cameras. Vijender looked handsome and cool in an off-white sherwani designed by Manav Gangwani who was also a guest at the wedding. The decorations were grand and beautiful.
The bride's father has been an old associate of Congress leader Satish Sharma. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also attended the wedding.

Pioneer-Dilli-Billi-22nd.May.2011-"New Mantra Of Politics"

"New mantra of politics"

Empowerment is all about helping other women to better their lives & achieve a certain status for themselves

Women empowerment is the new mantra of Indian polity — from the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalitha. The one thing that is common in them is their determination, patience and no nonsense approach. However, as far as their personal life is concerned, they are very different from each other.

Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee have come to power after much struggle. Sonia Gandhi had a family name and backing. Jayalalitha also had a Godfather. Mayawati, too, had a Godfather when she first rode the Elephant symbol in Uttar Pradesh. Mamata Banerjee is the only one who had no Godfather — no backing and yet, she has made it to the top.

But these women are fast learners and rule with an iron fist. They might have an off day once in a while. We are all well aware of the tantrums of Mayawati, Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee.

However, for me empowerment of women is not about these women. A woman is a woman’s biggest enemy it is said. There are jealousies and insecurities. Women are much wiser, craftier and quicker than men and can be all sweetness when needed. To me empowerment is when a woman has won Zila Parishad or Panchayat election and helps other women — be it to help them to find a way to earn a living or to tell them what is the correct age at which they should get their daughters married.

This is possible when there is education and awareness. Do our women leaders deliver this? Do they go out of their way to make sure that women in the villages are taken out of their poverty ridden houses and are made selfsufficient? Are the women no longer dependent on the men of their family? Can these women stop the mental harassment a working woman endures at the hands of her in-laws for not being a good daughter in-law? We live in a country which is burdened with caste, religion and superstition. Whatever be our GDP, 80 per cent of our population still lives below poverty line.

I admired Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi. I admire Sonia Gandhi because she has kept herself away from all scandals and brought up two children who mean well. Mamata Banerjee’s win is something that she has worked for years but let’s face it the Left had to go out of power sometime. To rule for 34 years was testing the public’s patience for too long. Jayalalitha’s sweeping of Tamil Nadu should ensure that the corrupt pay for what they have done without falling into the same trap.

A woman, if given power and responsibility, will do her duty with diligence. There is no doubting that they are hard working. Hopefully the newly appointed Chief Ministers will not be moody, erratic and bad tempered as their reputations have been earlier.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pioneer-Dilli-Billi-16th.May.2011-"TEACH VALUES TO CHILDREN"

"Teach values to children"

Today, parents shower their children with expensive gifts to make up for lost time which is not good

Whenever I go to buy a toy for my two-year-old granddaughter, the variety of toys available leaves me surprised. Last week, I went to a toy shop to pick up a gift for her. I wanted a simple doll, not those fancy Barbies. In fact, I wanted a doll which was dressed in Indian clothes. As I realised that our children are wearing Gucci and Prada as if they were born in them. To my surprise though our desi dolls were dressed in lehengas and cholis, they were carrying Gucci bags.

In India, especially in the metro cities, we do get carried away by international brands. It is a status symbol and more than that it sends out a message that: ‘We have arrived’. It is a good sign that there is so much money that Indians can afford to buy a bag worth a lakh. But dressing children in Armanis and Guccis without teaching them the value of money, is to my mind an issue when probed further, shows the real picture.

Today’s parents have no time for their children. They are brought up by nannies. In order to make up for not spending time with their children parents shower them with gifts. The expensive gifts become a show-piece which the children show to their friends. These gifts attract the not so fortunate who come and spend time with lonely rich children — play with the expensive toys and sometimes borrow their designer clothes.

I lived in a boarding school for most of my school life where all the children were the same. What made a child popular was that he had excelled in sports or studies. Nobody cared whether he/she was rich or came from middle class background. Everybody used the same brand of cream and wore only school uniform. We never knew the names of the creams that were there in the market.

Today, things are different. Overhear a conversation of a 10-year-old — they will be talking about how their skin is too oily or too dry. They use a specific cream of an international brand which will be suitable for them. Of course the cream in question is not easily available in India and needs to be imported. It is shocking how parents pollute the young innocent minds. The parents have forgotten to teach their children the simple pleasures of life.

Parents should take their children on family holidays like trekking in the mountains, taking them to see parts of our country — which are extremely beautiful — instead of an international holiday. It should be remembered that handmade bags made in India when sold abroad are more expensive and more elegant than Guccis and Pradas.

Parents today have forgotten to narrate stories from Mahabharat and Ramayan. The children today know more about Hollywood stars. The younger generation is bright and articulate. The right tuning without forgetting our traditional values and spending time with the children should be top priority for parents today.

The Tribune-Chatterati-May.17th.2011

"Small aircraft jinxed for Congmen?"

Congress leaders are getting apprehensive about travelling in small aircraft. There seems to be a jinx, they say. Many of their young high flying leaders have had their lives cut off. The list includes Madhav Rao Scindia, YSR Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra and the most recent case of the CM of Arunachal. Haryana leaders like Surinder Singh and industrialist O.P. Jindal also died in a helicopter crash. Amarinder Singh's helicopter has had to do many crash-landings. The question that is being asked is whether these small aircraft are safe enough for these big leaders. Is it the aircraft or is the experience of pilots who very often do not have the skills of other senior professionals? The other big issue, of course, is that these leaders are often in a hurry and insist on flying even when the weather conditions or aircraft specifications are not ideal for the journey. Safety norms are often thrown to the winds. It is more often the young, the energetic and those with a penchant for mass public contact who push themselves too far. So, within the top Congress circles this anxiety is doing the rounds in whispers and one wonders if the party will issue a diktat for more caution and care for those constantly in the air.
"Violent deaths up"

The number of young people dead due to violent crimes is escalating in more cities, but more so in and around Delhi. This new wave of fatal violence is the result of unfortunate, unacceptable or unrequited love, often at a very tender age. Both these aspects of modern youth culture -- high levels of passion and high levels of violence -- are encouraged and enhanced by new age movies, music videos and other elements of popular culture that the young are influenced by more and more. With the breakdown of family values and the compression of family time, the youth turn to easily available forms of entertainment that influence them. But it's the senseless violence that is causing concern among the authorities, parents and educationists. Going home from a mall is no longer a safe neighbourhood activity. Returning home from school can expose you to a sudden attack. Whether it is murder, kidnap or an acid attack, the results are often horrific, both on the families and the immediate circle of friends. What is worse is that all this seems to happen in full public view with very little sense of fear of discovery.
"Gudda’s birthday bash"

The 50th birthday bash for the king of fashion Rohit Bal was as dramatic as the designer's fashion shows are. The theme "Chadti Jawani" was apt for the blonde Kashmiri birthday boy. All guests were requested to wear cutouts of Gudda's face, much to his amusement. The party carried on the whole night at 'Cibo', a restaurant at Hotel Janpath which has Gudda's personal touches to its interiors. Gudda is undoubtedly the pride of the Indian fashion world. The cake was fun too as his buddies had got him a champagne bottle cake filled Gudda Chandon. Right from the French Ambassador to Varun Behl and many others from the fashion fraternity danced and wined the night through.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tribune-Chatterati-May.9th.2011

"Hard to get band-baja-baraat in order"

On Akshya Tritya, around 15,000 couples got married in a complete chaos. But to get the Band-Baja-Baraat in good order was a nightmare. Bumper-to-bumper traffic jams and still people were hopping from one place to another. This day was the last auspicious day of the season and then one will have to wait till November to tie the knot.

On the Hindu calendar, this is one of the most auspicious days to get married. As soon as the engagement is done, halls are booked and so are the caterers. Flowers are flown in. As the temperature rises to 40 degrees, the flowers start wilting, the prices of the flowers go double and even after that you don't get the best quality. So the jaymalas are ordered from Thailand and transported in ice-boxes. The 'Ghodi' carries the groom and the price of the white one goes up ten times. The mehendi walas have a field day and are booked much in advance. The cops are extremely busy on this day trying to keep traffic in order. You can hear the grumpy guests complaining like hell about the problems they have driving to the venue. The bride may have got the groom she wanted but the beautician she wanted was already booked and her family sure would not be very happy with the service of the caterer.

Most bandwalas made the baraats wait. The priests were running from one wedding to the other trying to make it on time. The gold prices may have gone up, but the prices of the marigold flower which is the auspicious Hindu flower also doubled at this time of shortage.

So this was the day for not only the couples who tied the knot, but also for the ones who supplied the flowers, food, Ghodi and everything that makes an Indian wedding perfect.

"‘Starless’ Tihar diet"

The public heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Suresh Kalmadi leave his Audi car and get into the blue police van to drive to Tihar Jail to live for some time. Kalmadi and his colleagues of the Commonwealth Games like Lalit Bahnot and B.K.Verma are again together in Tihar.

It is quite a change when these friends used to travel in the first class and stayed in the best hotels of the world. As Kalmadi is a diabetic, he has been allowed to take his insulin injections. He has an indoor bathroom attached to his cell and a television set with a fan in his room. No air conditioner or refrigerator. He is sure to lose weight by the time he comes out as the Tihar diet will only allow him eight chapattis a day along with a bit of vegetable and curry, two biscuits and two slices of bread with tea. It will be a big change from their normal five-star lifestyle.

"Soft spot for Nizamuddin"

The Aga Khan Trust obviously has a soft corner for Nizamuddin as it is the one that spends crores on the upkeep of the Humayun's Tomb. Now it is thinking of investing in a gym in the Nizamuddin Basti. As this Basti does not have enough playgrounds and open spaces, lack of exercise and obesity lead to illnesses in the women.

The Nizamuddin Urban Renewal Initiative of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) are busy furnishing a gym full of cross-trainers and treadmills for these housewives to exercise daily. This will also be open to the youth. Hopefully this will bring the housewives to the gym in the afternoons after they finish their household chores.

The Humayun's Tomb in which the Aga Khan foundation invested a lot of money for its renovation has today become a favourite for morning and evening walks. There are yoga and laughing clubs too. Peacocks, birds, squirrels and of course pigeons have the soothing effects of nature at its best.

Pioneer-Dilli-Billi-8th.May.2011-"GUILTY MUST BE PUNISHED"


The youth is aware of what is right and wants the system to be clean for future generations

Members of the Civil Society are fighting corruption in the country. The common man however, is getting impatient with the complications and delays in the Lokpal Bill. The aam admi is not bothered about the allegations regarding the members of the drafting committee. What matters is the intent the committee has — to come out and fight a disease that has enveloped the nation. The drafting committee have never had it so bad. Hopefully, the allegations that are making the headlines almost everyday — about their land deals, their water and electricity bills and their tapped conversations (true or false) will not deter them from their mission. One wonders what the Government will do next?

Anna Hazare and his team are being saluted today for staying focused on their work despite the Government gunning after them. The adage that people living in glass houses should not throw stones at others aptly applies here. It would be best to not talk about the political games that our politicians indulge in. The public is angry. The fight against corruption started by Hazare has now become a people’s movement now.

The youth is restless and is ready to fight for as what is right. They are not ready to bribe either the postman or a MCD official to get the routine work done. The younger generation is educated and is aware of what is happening around him. They know their rights and they will fight for it. The attacks on the reputation of the drafting committee members of the Lokpal Bill has not been taken kindly by them. They know it is a well planned attack and even if new members are brought in, new allegation will surface against them as well unless a person is appointed who is hand in glove with the Government.

Why is it that such a big issue is being made out against the members. Is it not enough that the person sitting in the committee has a clean image and his intentions are clear? The members of the drafting committee find favour with the public. The common man is aware that the politicians have a tendency to blow everything out of proportion.

Elsewhere, with the elections in Uttar Pradesh a lot is at stake here. For many, it is a do and die situation. To win in this State, it is important to work with the grassroot worker who knows the ground reality. It is not possible for people to sit in Delhi and ensure that the election will be won, especially in a State where caste and creed play an important role.

Delivering what you have promised is going to win you accolades and not fighting over issues that are close the hearts to the public. This generation wants to leave a cleaner society for the future generations. Is it not time to make sure that the Lokpal Bill is in place?

It is time to punish the guilt and set an example. The public will thank those who have been responsible for putting the scamsters behind bars and will easily vote them to power.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pioneer-Dilli-Billi-1st.May.2011-"NOT ALL IS LOST IN THIS PARADISE"


Despite the political unrest in Thailand, the country is still the most popular weekend destination

In the last couple of years Indians have been keeping a close watch over the happenings in Thailand. After all it is a popular tourist destination for most Indians. It has got everything for everyone — the rich, poor, young, the elderly and the children. There are amusement parks and malls where one can go shopping. The Thai are friendly, polite and welcoming. It has become a hub of tourism which is a major boost to their economy. From small affordable hotels to ultra luxurious hotels to suit every pocket. The service is quick and efficient and there is nothing like cheating a tourist.

Last week, after three years I visited the country again. It was a shock to discover the change the city has undergone. In these last few years, a lot has happened in these years — from coups to demonstrations, to burning of Government buildings and shopping centers and curfew being imposed has become a life for the locals here.

On my previous trips to Bangkok there was a pleasant buzz in the city which made one comfortable. Travelling alone was never an issue. One felt safe and was comfortable sitting alone in a coffee shop; roaming in the streets or passing time in the shopping malls. It was fun and there was a lively atmosphere.

On this trip, a stark difference was staring at you in the face. There was a sense of insecurity and an undercurrent in the atmosphere which had wiped the smiles from the face of the locals. Of course the politeness and efficiency still remained but the zest was missing. If you are familiar with the place you would realise that tourism has taken a big hit due to the uncertainty. It is sad to see how the locals are reacting to the danger that seems to be lurking everywhere. It has affected them economically. And however, much they try to act as if things are back to normal, the truth is that the country is not the same anymore.

Despite this, the city gives you the best that it has to offer — skyrise hotels which have restaurants like Sirocco and Breeze. They not only offer the best cuisines in the world by internationally renowned chefs but also have the best view that leaves you awestruck. From the best wines in the world to organically homegrown vegetables to the visual delight of exotic dishes that are served to the superlative taste makes you want to go back for it again and again.

And it is not just the super-speciality restaurants that are popular. Street food in the city is a big hit as are gay bars and local shopping. Even though the local currency (Baht) of Thailand is stronger than our Rupee that makes shopping here expensive, just the experience of it is worth every extra penny.

Though Thailand may be struggling to finds its footing back again and the air has an uneasy atmosphere, for the Indians and other tourists who come here from across all over the world, the country is still the most popular weekend get away.

The Tribune-Chatterati-May.2nd.2011

"Life is not all beer and skittles now!"

Luxurious lifestyle in private jets, flying for business and pleasure or even just for a meal if their mood desired for something specific. Late nights, so obviously late morning strong cups of coffee or for the health freaks, lukewarm lime water.
Dozens of trained helps to wait on them---such is the lifestyle of most of the VIPs and industrialists who are now huddled together at the Tihar Jail in tiny ten by eight cemented rooms.
Expensive and extensive wardrobes which are mostly dry cleaned only at 5-star hotels are now lying neatly stacked in their cupboards at home. Wining and dining at the most expensive restaurants the world over every now and then was the done thing for the high-profile guests at Tihar.
These highfliers no longer travel in luxurious cars, but travel with the police escort sharing seats with the ordinary criminals. The highflying jailbirds are now getting used to sleeping without the softest linen in the world, but only a plain blanket with a basic washroom. These are the guys who are used to air conditioners even in their toilets and now have to do with only an old rattling fan to cool themselves.
A basic meal of bread, butter, dal and chapattis is their daily diet. They get Rs 2,000 per week to buy some goodies from the prison bakery. Most of them have become vegetarian in Tihar. Some of them develop new hobbies like reading or they start playing sports with common inmates. Of course, they are all old friends and business associates. Most of the time, they spend going through the CBI chargesheet rather than reading books and magazines. They do miss the luxury of 5-star hotels and lifestyle of the rich and famous.
Well, eating light meals on time, no late-night parties and for a change not hopping from one city to another, this may turn them into trimmer, healthier and wiser people. While the public is left wondering who's going next, the inmates are waiting for Suresh Kalmadi to join them.
The drawing room class high society is not very impressed with the 'Anna Hazare' protest against corruption and understandably so. But the younger generation and the middle class are heaving a sigh of relief, feeling that the corrupt may at last be punished.
"Poor citizens get the third degree"

Have not heard of anything Rape, kidnapping and violent crimes are all growing and are frightening aspect of life in the Capital. As citizens get wary and weary of the statistics, the chilling anxiety is that it is getting increasingly closer each day to everybody. And the natural reaction is for the public to blame the police for the collapse of the law and order.
Yet Delhi is unique. The police force here is not controlled by the state government. Despite efforts by the government to involve citizens in watching over the crime in their neighborhoods, the fact is that in a city that is bursting at the seams, neighbours hardly know each other. So, it's back to the 'blame police' again.
But with growing numbers, growing statistics and increasing variety of crimes, the question is being asked whether the police is equipped to handle all this? In terms of equipment and training, resources are an obvious constraint. Just imagine the task of trying to verify the domestic helps in this city.
Though everybody knows it's needed, in practical terms the long delays mean the verification is given the go-by. So, the citizen's demand for better policing constantly grows, but answers are slow to come by. Politicians get away by blaming the police and the police gets away by blaming resources. So, slowly but surely the noose of crime tightness around the poor citizens' neck.