Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Pioneer- Dilli Billi -26th.August.2012 - "ANNA-RAMDEV ANTI-CORRUPTION REMIX"


The conflicting messages given by Team Anna and Baba Ramdev have confused the public which now only wants a system that’s corruption-free.

The feeling of deja vu was overwhelming when one saw Team Anna at Jantar Mantar. The clippings on news channel reminded one of the days when Anna had started his anti-corruption movement last year from Ramlila Maidan. But this time, things were different.

While Anna was still following the Gandhian ethos, his team members were talking about how they could amalgamate themselves in the 21st century. Political aspirations came out in the open much to the surprise of the common man. Most wondered the reason behind announcing disbanding of the team and forming of a political party. Was the inaction on the Lokpal Bill that forced the team to take such a drastic step? Well, only time would tell.

And if the anshan at Jantar Mantar was not enough, Baba Ramdev announced his andolan on fight against corruption and black money. There was a huge gathering for the Baba’s movement. The difference in the number of people who had come out in support for Ramdev was for all to see. And while Team Anna had said that there was a gathering of more than 10,000 at Jantar Mantar, most people put the figure at not more than 2,000 — a stark contrast in show of strength at Ramlila Maidan last year.

While all the drama unfolded at Jantar Mantar and at Ambedkar Stadium, the politicians though wary of the proceeding were caught up in their own problems. The multiple scams kept the UPA Government busy even though they are used to a new scam coming to light every now and then.

nterestingly, much drama follows Baba Ramdev. A day before Independence Day he was asked to vacate Ambedkar Stadium. The supporters had made the stadium their personal property. There were discarded paper plates, empty water bottles, cigarette stubs and carelessly dug holes in the lush green grass turf. But nobody was concerned about the mess at the stadium.

The aam aadmi who is talking about Ramdev’s andolan is confused by the conflicting signals being sent by Team Anna and Baba Ramdev. But they do understand Ramdev’s simple yet aggressive approach. And though his rally had to be stopped, it had many netas worried.

And though Team Anna and Ramdev are fighting for the same thing — remove corruption and tackle black money issue — the public is is tired of all the rallies. Many have realised that the politicians are not concerned with finding a solution to either of the problems. In India fighting elections to make a point is not new. But for Team Anna big stakes are involved. Winning an election is a different ball game altogether. The fact that all the members of Team Anna not talking the same language is making them lose credibility.

The UPA Government’s arrogance is irking the public. But all that the common man can do is bear the insensitivity of the Government. The country has been independent for 65 years and the mother of all scams — the coalgate scam — has already had the UPA UPA Government on the run. For now only one slogan is apt — Garv se bolo mera scam mahan, jai Hind.

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