Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Pioneer- Dilli Billi -30th.Sept.2012 -"THAT'S HEAVY PRICE FOR SURVIVAL"


The recent price hike has upset the budget of the aam aadmi. But the rich continue to live life king-size at the cost of the hardworking middle class.

The Prime Minister’s address to the nation on September 21, 2012 was welcomed by all. This is because Manmohan Singh rarely speaks and it was a good idea for him to address the country, more so, after the price hike of various essential commodities which has affected not just the poor but also the rich. Manmohan Singh is a master of reforms and the business community has been waiting for economic changes. But whether the message sent by the Prime Minister was well-received by the urban population is not clear but I am told that people living in rural areas listened to him.

But it is sad the people have stopped listening to an address by a head of State. There was a time when citizens would be glued to their TV set or radio to listen to Jawaharlal Nehru or Lal Bahadur Shastri address the nation. We were children at that time and made to sit to listen when these leaders spoke. Today, the public has lost all respect for the politicians. Unfortunately, even an honest man like Manmohan Singh is looked upon with suspicion because of his Cabinet colleagues. The public wonders why Singh bows to non-entities.

Coming back to the price rise. The increase would affect the common man’s budget. Prices of essential commodities have sky-rocketed to an extent that even eating daal-roti has become difficult for the aam aadmi. Poor man’s dream is to give his child good education, clothes and two-square meals a day. But it continues to elude him. On the other hand the scams, corruption charges and the lifestyle of the rich is like slap on the face of the hardworking middle class.

What adds to the woes of the working class is when big industrialists like Vijay Mallya don’t pay salaries to their employees for months but continue to lead life king-size and travel all over the world in their private jets.

The fact that the Government continues to have a non-committal attitude towards the people means that the plight of the common man refuses to improve. One can only imagine how the families manage their household expenses when the bread-earner has not been paid for months.

What is even worse is that the Government protects the corrupt Ministers and doesn’t take action when businessmen don’t pay their employees salaries on time. The fact that they have palatial houses in various countries and yachts docked at different shores means that they have the money for their personal use but not for the man who makes it possible for them to live that kind of life. The nexus between the Government and the businessmen is not good. And as much the Congress President would like to put things back in order, it is going to be an uphill task.

For the common man it is about immediate relief. He wants a better life for his family and, at present, he is unable to provide that. The fact that he sees no improvement in the coming months only adds to his woes.

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