Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Pioneer - Dilli Billi -June.17.2012 - "CONGRESS NEEDS TO DO MORE WORK"


India is going through a bad patch economically. Politicians need to pull up their socks and start working. A single vote can change the equation .

The UPA-II report released by its allies on completion of three years is an interesting read for all. The three-year reign of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been very controversial. Achievements have been steadily swallowed by scandals. This is a sad scenario, at home and abroad.

Last week, at a dinner party, our host told us that he is in a bit of a financial mess. His son studies in the US. With the rupee being devalued and touching Rs 56 for a dollar, the expenditure towards his son’s education has increased. He now has to re-examine his financial standing as his daughter is also ready to go to college in the US. His main fear is if the rupee slides further, his daughter may just have to study in India.

And it is not as if getting admission in India, especially Delhi is any easier. To get admission in the top colleges in the city, one needs to have scored at least a 95 per cent.

It is rather unfortunate that even though the income of the people has remained the same, the expenditure has doubled in the last couple of years due to rise in prices of almost everything — be it vegetables, petrol or even luxury goods. There are families who have had to cancel their vacations abroad this summer. For the middle class, things are far worse. It is extremely difficult for him to survive in this state of economy that has gripped the country. One wonders, where the country is heading to?

Scams that come to light put the figure in thousands of crores. Just the other day, a television channel was showing how Nirmal baba has become a billionaire in less than a year. It is rather strange that the Government doesn’t scrutinise the accounts of such people who have amassed huge wealth in such a short period. The common man wants to know how much tax such people have paid? And if they have not paid, what is the Government doing about it.

I am sure that if all the wealth that people shower on babas and the money they spend on weddings is accumulated and given to the Government, the country’s economic situation would be much better. Daily needs like water, electricity and healthcare is in shambles. So much so that the aam aadmi is frustrated. What adds to his woes is the fact that he finds no solution to his plight. One gets very angry when our MPs demand more perks while the poor man is forced to commit suicide because he is unable to sustain himself any longer.

With no solution in sight, people take to crime. Therefore, the crime graph in the country is on the rise. Frustration leads to roadrage, thefts, murders and rapes. What the ordinary man can’t fathom is how the rich is becoming richer and they are becoming poorer.

The UPA-II Government is lucky that the Opposition is not doing any better. The public has no option but to probably vote them back to power.

What the country needs is a party which will ease the burden which the people of this country are carrying. What they find, instead, is a Government being ruled by a weak Prime Minister. And though the Prime Minister is honest, there is only so much he can do.

Strangely, the UPA-II’s policies are not aam aadmi friendly. The administrative work has virtually come to a standstill, bureaucrats are having fun and our leaders are busy fighting. They are not interested in working in the interest of the country. They appear to have taken their positions for granted. The young leaders are no better. They should not treat politics as a business and take the post as their birthright. One never knows when a single vote can dash a dream and an easy lifestyle.

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