Monday, October 22, 2012

The Pioneer-Dilli Billi-21st.Oct,2012-"CLEAN ELECTIONS & IN-YOUR-FACE-ATTACKS"


It is sad that political parties today are more interested in attacking the personal lives of leaders rather than talking about their political non-performance.

As the election campaign in two States — Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh — gain momentum, the nation watches in silence on how clean or dirty the campaign is going to be. What is astonishing are the vicious remarks made on personal lives of the politicians. It is impossible today to expect a campaign that is free of personal attacks and what a political party would do for the common man once it is in power.

However, for now, the Congress appears to be keeping away from making personal attacks. Instead, it is concentrating on its various achievements in the last two years. The party is busy undoing the negative propaganda spread by the BJP on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In fact, it is the Congress’ top priority.

Even though the Congress is doing its best to explain the economic reforms, including the FDI, which is the easiest to sell, it is finding it difficult to explain to the public why there is price rise in everything. The Opposition is united when it comes to attacking the Government on inflation even though the Government defended its reforms and price rise.

Today, politics has become a mudslinging match. It is sad when leaders like Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh fight on trivial matters like travel expenses and health bills. Using bad language and attacking each other has never benefitted anyone, it always boomerangs. But these issues make no difference to the aam janta.

What makes a difference is the kind of candidate a political party fields, how it tackles corruption and controls price rise. It is unfortunate that even after 65 years of Independence, the Government can’t create enough jobs so that a man on the street can feed his family, provide shelter and educate his children. Why would a political party think that the public is interested in a leader’s personal life when he has too many problems of his own boggles the mind.

But what the common man wants to know how a man who entered politics only a decade back has managed to amass millions in such a short period. Those who enter politics are living in the lap of luxury. And it is not just them who are enjoying the benefits, their children too enjoy all the luxuries. It is interesting to see how power goes to their head. The huge bungalows, swanky cars and a lifestyle these people are leading is unbelievable. The common man is left wide-eyed. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

There is no concept of men being equal. It is more like the lord and his slave now. This attitude is pathetic. What is worse is that just before elections, the lord stands with folded hands in front of the slave begging him to vote for him. Of course, the latest and fastest way to lose weight and gain votes is to go on a padyatra. Once back in the drive’s seat, empty promises that were made are easily forgotten because they have a foreign trip to go on.

The elections in the two States are a precursor to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The stakes for Modi and Singh are high. For Modi it may be a step closer to the power corridors in New Delhi. For Singh, it is his last chance to prove himself. But let’s hope that despite personal agenda’s the leaders would also think about the aam aadmi’s survival.

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