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The Pioneer- Dilli Billi-25th Nov 2012- "Cong, BJP losing ground"

Cong, BJP losing ground

Regional parties are gaining ground because the two national parties – the Congress and the BSP – are losing touch with grassroots workers & the common man

Most political leaders wonder what annoys the aam aadmi. The sad part is that even though these leaders claim to have caught the pulse of the public, they are yet to fathom the reason for anger. While regional party leaders who have grassroots connection appear to have some sort of understanding, the two national parties – the Congress and the BSP – are at sea.

Probably, the fault lies with the fact that leaders at the centre have never been in touch with ground reality. They prefer to stay in New Delhi and become advisors to their High Command. When State leaders who are the main workers, come to New Delhi to meet senior leaders, they have to wait for days on end to get an audience. And, often, they return disappointed. It is then that one gets to see the difference in thinking.

The Grassroots leader talks with conviction and authority and the problems he faces when he goes asking for votes. It’s easy to sit in Delhi and give out orders. There is no understanding on any side. People who come from the States don’t understand the reason for the arrogance that central leaders have. It leaves the worker disillusioned.

It is unfortunate that the top leaders in the BJP and the Congress are unable to put a stop to the infighting. One has to remember that strong leadership is able to do way with any negativity as soon as it starts. Time and again we have seen that problems are created for a strong State leader by leaders in New Delhi. Whether it is created by a few men who vested interests, on doesn’t know.

For such people it is always self before the party welfare. The wrong information given by such people only irritates the real leader because he has a strong base and doesn’t need to ask for any favours from anyone. This is because he brings substance to the table which no baseless person can ever bring. Begging for a meeting with the top brass is humiliating and demeaning for a strong State leader. They get tired of the decisions that are forced upon him and then snubbed in full public view. Under such a situation, many self respecting leaders break away from the party and float their own.

If the Congress and the BJP wants to survive they need to start respecting their State leader.  It is because of these grassroots level people that others are able to rule at the Centre. It is sad when senior leaders like Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Vir Bahadur who can deliver are put to test time and again.

It is here that regional parties gain. They don’t have to report to anyone. They are responsible for their actions. It is their decision that means a win or loss for them. They are their own bosses. Hence, it is not surprising that many congress and BJP leaders would love to change places with them.

Many leaders are of the opinion that time is fast approaching when Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi would win the Gujarat Assembly elections and change the number game for the 2014 General Election.

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