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The Pioneer- Dilli Billi-9th Dec 2012- " Cong in a state of disarray”

Cong in a state of disarray

It is sad that the oldest and largest national party in the country doesn’t have its house in order. The conflicting signals given by its leaders are not in national interest

The countdown for the 2014 General Election has begun. It is more or less clear that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate would be none other than Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. As for the Congress, it is still not decided who its prime ministerial candidate would be. Though there is speculation that Rahul Gandhi may don the role, it is said that he has still not decided whether he wants to head the oldest and largest political party in the country. There are rumors that he would prefer to rule from behind the curtains like his mother. Why be the king when one can be king-maker and there is someone else to take the rap for every wrong.

It’s a shame that one of the biggest national parties in the country doesn’t have its house in order. It is the party worker who suffers. He can’t decide who the real head is – is it the person who is ruling or is it the person who controls from behind the real power centre.

In the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, after crossing many hurdles and giving into pressure at the last minute, the congress had fielded Himachal Congress chief Virbhadra Singh. Though it was the right thing to do, it came a little late in the day. In Gujarat, Modi wants to know who will lead the Congress, but as usual the party is in disarray. Its partymen are becoming masters of goof-ups.

One doesn’t understand how the people in the advertising campaign could make such major blunder? Nothing could have hit the party more than the fact that the picture they used for the poster was picked up from Sri Lanka and UNICEF. Why did the company not take fresh photographs would probably remain a mystery. Every news channel splashed the pictures of the advertisement. If this was not enough, the news that the BJP had amassed wealth meant for the poor Gujarat took centre stage.

It is unfortunate that the money meant for the upliftment of the poor has been diverted into useless schemes and projects by Modi. One hopes that the locals in Gujarat watched the news and are aware of the ground reality. It is time the people saw the true picture of their leaders.

Meanwhile, the Congress would be in a dilemma if Rahul Gandhi says no to be the Prime Minister and lead UPA-3. The question is – who would become the Prime Minister? One hopes that whoever sits on the chair has people’s interest at heart. In fact, I wish the person would have certain traits of a dictator. The country needs a head who can rule with an iron hand, who can take spot decisions, who can lead the nation by setting an example himself and take the youth in confidence and move forward. We need a person who can take a leaf out from the experience of the senior leaders and combine it with energy of the young Ministers at the Centre.

When one talks to the aam aadmi on the streets of Gujarat there is a startling revelation – the people may have forgiven but not forgotten Modi’s role ion Godhra riots even though his name has been cleared. They have forgiven him because of the developmental work that has been undertaken in the State. His authority over administration and the confidence has impress many. The business houses who have invested in his State are happy with how smoothly things move in the State. Unlike other States where there are many leaders and hence there are conflicting signals, in Gujarat Modi’s word is final. This makes it easy for things to move. The projects undertaken are passed with a single nod from Modi.

Many say that Modi is like a lion who has smelt the power of success even though there is a hint of arrogance in his stance. This is because, for now, he is the undisputed king in Gujarat. One will have to wait and watch how much time it takes him to reach the power corridors of Delhi and who are the people who would act as roadblocks I his journey. Let’s see how many hurdles he would have to cross since he is man who is in a hurry to reach the top.

Would Rahul Gandhi challenge him or will the regional parties, who have their own agenda, be able to stop him? This is an era of collision politics; the real heroes are the regional parties who will have the last laugh.
Sadly the Congress appears to have become more of a regional party than a national one. Count the number of States it is in power. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh the party is in a mess. No Congress Chief Minister today has confidence in the High Command that even if he is elected he would be Chief Minister again. The High Command is capable of doing another Bhajan Lal or repeat what they did in Uttrakhand.

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