Monday, December 13, 2010

Pioneer-Dilli-billi-12th Dec.10

Obamas score over Sarkozys

“There is a stark difference between the US and French first couple, and this has been noticed by all”

Now India is the destination for V.I.P’s and nation’s head all across the world. It is amusing time, for the public of India. First came The Obama’s and now the French president with his model wife Carla. It’s Carla’s state visit to India that had been pending for some time now. The first time she wanted to come, she was still not the first lady of France. So, we had a diplomatic crisis on our hands. She could not have been given the treatment that Sarkozy wanted for her as the first lady and there is no protocol for girl friends yet. But, now as Carla Bruni came into the country as the first lady did she make waves?
I was in Paris some time back and realized that Carla had become a figure of amusement to Parisians. She was leading her life according to her terms. In Paris I realized that the President and Carla had skeletons dropping out of their cupboard very often. At that time there was noise about how Carla was being linked with a young musician. It was such a blow to the president that he wanted his people to spread a story about how he was involved with a much younger lady. Carla’s romance had hurt his ego. How can the first
lady have an affair? So, whenever this first couple made public appearance together they tried to make enough gestures trying to communicate by holding hands and looking into each other eyes to fool the spectators. But actually it did not fool the peering eyes of the French. But trying to show off that there were still very much in love in what actually made them a laughing stock.
On the other hand the Obama’s have a natural chemistry. It is open, warm and sensitive to each other. They are also proud of each other. One can make out there is no acting here. They were so much in tune with each other that one can make out they discuss every action together. It’s like one big family. See them with their daughters it’s like any other ordinary family. The French President and his muse are so uncomfortable with each other and the effort they make just does not work. But on the whole the Obama’s came, saw and conquered. They were charming, witty and humorous. I think as a couple the Obama’s had more class and looked more at ease. The French President looked a bit uptight while his wife seemed to hog all the lime light. No wonder the poor guy is insecure to the extent that he has to wear covered heeled shoes. Back home both the Presidents are also not a secure footing. They will really
need to work very hard to win the next round. So, the first lady of France is beautiful yet cold. There is something that is calculating and clever and all knotted up. The wife of the most powerful man in the world Barack Obama’s is a lady who knows her strength and yet is warm and in a sense humble too. Intelligent she is no doubt but, not knowing all like the French one turns to be.

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