Monday, December 20, 2010

The Tribune-Chatterati-20th Dec.10

"Soft-soaping Sonia"

Last week was Sonia Gandhi’s 64th birthday. It seems that her strict instructions of no full pages of advertisement and no launching of new scheme had been followed. There were no celebrations at all. But she had enough callers who arrived early to great her at 10 Janpath. Needless to say that everyone who is anyone in the congress landed up. Surprisingly one of the first ones to arrive to personally great her was Kanimozhi, followed closely by Dayanidhi Maran. It seems that the DMK is a bit insecure after Jaya Lalita declared, she would support the Congress. Surprisingly Karunanidhi out did the sycophancy of the Congress leaders when he made a statement about the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi “a historic light of scarifies guiding the destiny of India”. It was also Pranab Mukherjee’s birthday last week which would have gone unnoticed had the chamber of commerce not celebrated it a day before. But the leaders who made their birthday memorable in the gone by week by throwing lavish parties with a galaxy of leaders present were JDU Chief, Sharad Yadav and Gopinath Munde. They sure need to make a hungama with their fading political careers.

"Trousseau for hire"

Our younger generation is becoming much savier and money conscious. They do not also believe in old mother’s tales of being “shubh”. I can never imagine my old aunt agreeing to me wearing a rented lengha or sari for my marriage. Today’s kid’s are more practical and do not want to spend huge amount of money on getting a designer lengha for their D-day. So, they go and rent exclusive lengha’s and wedding dresses without having to shell out a bomb. There are rental shops for these modern brides all over Delhi now. They take care of the fittings and give personalized attention. You could always rent jewellery to match with it. The rent starts from two thousand to twenty thousand depending on the style and design. They do not believe in the old tradition of that your wedding dress is supposed to be treasured and it also shows how brides are not bound by profound perceptions anymore. It is economical and it satisfies the bride of not having to burden her parent’s with that extra expense. These professionals who provide the rental trousseau also give you pre-recorded music so that you do not need to hire a DJ. They also provide luxury cars for the bidaai too.

"High-profile weddings"

Destination weddings once reserved for the rich and famous are now the norm even for high profile politicos. Gadkari recently charted aircrafts to ensure that the top BJP brass was able to get to his home town Nagpur from his current official residence in Delhi. N.K.Singh on the other hand ensured that his son’s wedding in Jodhpur acquired a distinctly regal touch, a far cry from his native Bihar. Here too the planes swooped down with guests displaying more that just family warmth. Mukesh Ambani was the top attraction and he certainly made it a family event by being accompanied by wife Nita and children. While Jodhpur was relatively small, the reception at the Taj palace in Delhi had everyone aflutter with the possible attendance of the Prime Minister being rumored. So, the drinks were held back, till Gurucharan Kaur finally appeared on her own. But N.K’s fellow bureaucrats turned up in large numbers and gaggle of politicians ranging from Satyavrat Chaturvedi from the Congress to Arun Jaitely of the BJP made evening complete for N.K and Tiny. Maharaja Guj Singh of Jodhpur lent the royal touch to the evening. N.K’s wife Tiny is Guj Singh’s sister. So, a lot of royalty was in attendance. But conspicuous by his absence the JDU chief Nitish Kumar did set some tongues wagging. N.K. is a Rajya Sabha member from Nitish’s party.

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