Monday, December 6, 2010

The Pioneer-Dilli-billi-5th Dec.10

Scams and scandals, tapes and taps, theft and trickery, all there and more have dominated the capitals chatter circuit for the last few months. It just does not seem to stop. Yet it follows a some what pathetic life cycle of its own. An expose or an exposion followed by preventing a public anger, fuelled by a media circus. Then comes governments delayed and often apologetic response, a promise of action and some minor punishments for those caught in the live light. A few months of being treated as tainted and then it’s back to normal. The tainted and the painted, the pathetic losers unite around their favourite watering spots again and life is back to a new semblance of reality for those who survive the onslaught and manage to retain the loot. Whether it’s the CWG mess, the ‘adarsh land scams’ the, ‘housing collapse’ or the ‘media gate’ exposes, this pattern seems to repeat itself. Most of the time it is the ‘little guy’ who is caught and punished. The big guys after all are a part of the establishment and must come back to prop up the barl. The moment one scandal rocks the situation an earlier one get a convenient burial. But beneath all this there may well be a flood of public anger which we don’t see yet. The public will often wait to settle scores, not just once but even twice, as the Bihar elections and the destruction of scams fuelled Lalu seems to prove.

It is actually a shame that senior journalist have been dragged into it. They have spent all their lives making a name for themselves. I personally do not think that their credibility is at stake. It is a journalist’s job to try and get information from every nook and corner.
It is absurd if anyone thinks that ministers can be made and sacked due to a journalist talking or putting forward a name. It must be a very weak government which even listens to an input from the journalist as to what their union cabinet should look like. We have experienced, knowledgeable people at hem of affairs forming the cabinet. But in the case of this particular scam. The telecom minister was made by the supremo of DMK sitting in Chennai. To be truthful even the Congress did not have anything to do with it. It is insane to think otherwise. The DMK wanted five ministers and it was for them to place them in any portfolio they wanted.

The public does wonder. What happens to the big corporate who appoint middle men for their own benefits? Why it is that they are left untouched after all they are the ones to benefit maximum. After all the middle man gets a very small amount in the loot which is made by the corporate houses by indulging in these practices. Is it time that someone take actions against the business houses that start sleaze. We are aware of big names who twist government policies. They are never touched. Even as they manipulate the system. Which the middle man or the journalist cannot even think of doing nor has the power. Whatever impression he may give to the outside world is immaterial. It is more loose talk than anything else and self importance. Our politicians are too smart for them. Rest, it is easy to put some one’s dignity and integrity on doubt which has been built over the decades of hard work. And yes! If you start tapping phones randomly even more professionals’ and business men’s reputations will be at stake by some innocent remark. It’s absurd!

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