Friday, March 4, 2011

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-Feb.20th.2011-"Cherish your friends"

"Cherish your friends"
Learn to value your true friends because they are your real Valentine. Cherish them every dayThis Valentine’s Day your phone’s inbox must have been full of messages on Valentine’s Day gimmicks. Every tea shop was offering big deals on the day. It was amazing to see markets and restaurants in a red look. Balloons, hearts, cushions, chocolates — anything romantic was on display. It’s easily one of the most popular days for youngsters and the pot-bellied middle-aged who are trying to gain attention of some girl. One notices the bolder side of girls who happily approach a boy whom they like. From airline companies to hotels, all were busy in promotions. While the elderly look upon such gimmicks with amusement, the youngsters enjoy them.Sadly, true friendship among the elite are rare in Delhi. Their equations change with status and political season. In this hypocritical society you can never identify a true friend. Friendship is driven by your address, position and, of course, your pocket size. In the corridors of power, you are lucky if you can count your friends on your fingers even on Valentine’s Day. The Capital thrives on politics, power, intrigue and stories. But Delhi’ites are the best actors in the world. They might bad-mouth you behind your back, but when they meet you, they show their utmost concern. It’s not surprising at all. This is the survival instinct of the lot who want to be a part of certain groups of Delhi’s movers and shakers.Valentine’s Day for teenagers is about fun and games. They plan elaborate surprises and gifts for each other in advance. However, there is a certain innocence to it. Different political groups try and play their politics and in a show of oneupmanship destroy the happiness of innocents with their vandalism. It’s a shame. When children are being brought up with so much exposure through the electronic media and schooling, how can you stop them from having innocent fun. It is the job of the parents and schools to teach youngsters their limits. Certainly, it’s not the prerogative of goons who claim to be the protectors of our culture and customs in the name of religion. Such incidents of vandalism leave a bad taste.I received a message on Valentine’s day which read: “A true friend knows all your best stories. A best friend has lived them with you.” How true. A friend is someone who is by your side when you are happy. But the moment something goes wrong, you want your friend to come and embrace you. He is there for you when you are low and sick. Do we value them? They may not be in your league, but they are your true valentine. Your best friends deserve your attention on February 14. As you are used to calling them when you are down, you don’t realise their true worth. You take them for granted. Over the years we have realised that, at times, friends are more valuable than family. There are no moral lectures and no expectations. In today’s world a friend is a treasure not easily found. So cherish it, enjoy it and learn to value it, Valentine’s Day or no Valentine’s Day. deal.

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