Friday, March 4, 2011

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-Jan.16th.2011-"Listen to aam aadmi"

"Listen to aam aadmi"
For the Congress to win any polls, it’s best that they listen to their grassroots workers instead of sidelining themThe Congress session held in Delhi was supposed to be one where the AICC delegates would do some introspection. But, as usual, it turned to be a mix of different groups raising their own slogans. Senior Congress leaders sitting in the first few rows exchanged ‘know-all” looks with an aura of superiority.Rahul Gandhi’s call for the aam aadmi to be helped is still just a call. There is no one in the Congress who is actually connected to the aam aadmi. The common man is fed up with the scams and scandals and is trying to cope with the price rise. They do not care at all about the GDP growth. They do not even understand it. The Congress party cannot win elections by talking big at AICC sessions while the whole country is trying to cope with price rise and blatant corruption.The Bihar elections were lost as the party did not exist in the State. The observers were sent just two months in advance. The general secretary in charge of Bihar should have prepared for the polls three years in advance. To build the party, he should have kept an eye on the persons who could be possible candidates. It is not possible to send a senior leader from the centre two months before the polls to find candidates to win the elections.The AICC delegates, who were elected or nominated from different States, actually had nothing positive to say about the session. It is remarkable how the old Congressmen can sit and behave like puppets. After all, these are the experienced lot of leaders who have won elections in the States year after year. It’s amazing how youth leaders of Congress think being in power is their birthright. But, there was one youth leader who won the hearts of the common man — the young dynamic Jyotiraditya Scindia. He touched a sensitive cord of all the workers of the Congress countrywide.Ever since the Rajya Sabha members have taken over at the centre, there seem to be a disconnect between them and the aam Congress worker. He works his way up to the district level, but beyond that he is ignored and snubbed. This frustration of the workers is what leads to defeat in States like Bihar. When a worker realises that he cannot reach the top, he switches the party. At the top, they do not do enough homework of who can win the seats. They just listen to their colleagues, who are baseless. If they were to go and contest elections, they would even lose their deposits. There are many youth Congress leaders who have a lot of honesty, integrity and dignity. But they have been sidelined because they will not suck up to the arrogant scrupulous leaders at the centre. Their confidence comes from the fact that they slog in their constituency. They have proved their mettle time and again.It is best for the Congress to talk less and act more. And they should take Jyotiraditya Scindia’s inputs seriously. Only then will the credibility of the party will be saved and the aam aadmi’s confidence be rebuilt.

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  1. There are people with experience whose services are always required… the party needs people with experience who can deliver. But new talent has scope.Ignoring people like Virbhadra Singh is not a good sign.He should be sent back to state to achieve 2012 VS elections if party does not require his services at Delhi.He is a magic leader and good political fighter and has survived many political sitautions.