Friday, March 4, 2011

Pioneer-Dilli Billi-Jan-23rd-2011-"Hub of all activities"

"Hub of all activities"
Singapore is the new hub of entertainment and business. And a week long tour there pleasantly surprised me as to how welcoming the city is. I revisited the city after nearly a decade and was highly impressed with its progress. The professionals and businessmen settled there from the world over were content and well-settled.The first thing that strikes you about the city is its safety. For bring up children, the laws, rules and regulation are more strict and vigilant than parents can even be. It’s a town where women can walk alone at midnight loaded with jewellery and still be safe. The service and politeness of people is amazing. Everything is done systematically and the system never fails. The locals are clean, smiling and helpful and comfortable with foreigners. As Singapore flourishes on tourism, they appreciate every guest in the city.A few people whom I met there belong to many nationalities, and have now taken permanent citizenship. They are happy with the education system. In business, there is nothing like bribery. The Prime Minister of the country walks alone with no security guards. Anyone who can invest in most businesses is welcome. Singapore recognizes that its future lies in becoming a strong knowledge and creative hub. Education is in focus as students are heading there in big numbers for higher studies in the areas of design, architecture and technology. It is a city busy reinventing itself to maintain its place in the world.There is strict punishments for anything illegal, starting from littering the streets and not standing in a queue. Nightclub guards check the IDs of every youngster to verify their age. It was an eye-opener to witness responsible youngsters who respectfully took out their IDs and stood in queue patiently. No one throws any weight around, as is the case in Delhi. When ordered, a taxi arrives on the dot. No reminders are required and there’s no need to check the meter. This is a city that knows how to enjoy and retain its vibrancy, even within strict limits.Discipline, hard work and honesty can take you a long way, and that seems to have worked for Singapore. The week I was there, the Zee Cine awards were held there. The awards took place at the new Marina Bay Hotel. There, casino rules are strict and no cheating is allowed. The city looks spectacular from the roof deck of the hotel, on the 65th floor, which houses a bar and restaurant. The ships anchored along the harbour are all well lit making the view more eye-catching. Taxes in Singapore are not so high and people are ready to invest there. Singapore offers an international way of life without being suffocating. It is extremely liberal and has strict punishments for those who even think of uttering a word against any religion or colour. If I were to live in a city other than India, it would definitely be Singapore.

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