Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pioneer-Dilli-billi-21 Nov

"Weed out the corrupt"

The BJP and the Congress should not be taken for a ride by their coilation partners

Thanks to the media, it is not only the common man who gets to know about the various scams in the government but it seems even the high up’s in power get to know from the same medium. It is the media which make the public aware and the opposition to make noise about the leaders involved in the corruption cases. I can not; for one minute believe that the high command does not know what is going on in the different ministries. I am sure that through various agencies they do get their reports. If not then, they must be some thing really wrong with the system. And it needs to be put right immediately. Why t a spectacle is made by delays in pulling up the slimy ones. All corrupt members involved are left till the last minute to take action. It is absurd. If the media knows then the public has an inclination of things happening too. The journalist knows it but, how come the head-of -government does not know? It is a shame that when we have a whole lot of clean, experienced and capable senior’s at the helm of affairs we have to face these embarrassing situations. Parliament is stalled. Media goes hoarse crying about corruption charges as we are becoming a laughing stock world over.

Asking the resignation of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra was an excellent move by the Congress. Suresh Kalmadi was thrown out after the Obama visit. Would it not have been better if, without the media making noise when corruption is so much on the face the high command should take action as soon as they realize that the politicians are making so much money so that it can set a standard? Half these leaders claim that the money they make in their respective states is handed over to the leaders in centre. Are they saying its kind of “Hafta Vassoli”. But the Congress has made sure that once their leaders are caught they are thrown out. So, the clever ones remain while the clumsy ones go. There are of course bigger fish who go untouched. Infact they get promotions.

But it is amusing; to the common man when the BJP chief ministers are openly corrupt. If we look into Karnataka who can be more bluntly corrupt then the ‘Reddy’ brothers with, who the BJP leaders dine and wine with. BJP leadership is blind to their charges. The BJP does have so many clean yet capable Chief Ministers. Jayalalitha talking about corruption is a joke. DMK I am sure has a whole library on her. We have today nearly all leaders of various regional parties with some corruption story or another. Except Mamata Banerjee the Lalu’s and Paswan’s all of them are the same.

We have a clean P.M with many clean senior ministers. So, why do they have to tolerate corruption? Its all for power. The problem of coalition politics. So, it’s better for the Congress and BJP the major two national parties to go alone in the elections now. It will be easier for them to win back their carde and vote banks. But a couple of more scams of their regional partners and the now aware public will want single party rule soon. So, it’s best to let these regional leaders make a nuisance of themselves and then strike. They really do not need to be so power hungry and should not let the Raja’s, Maya’s, Jaya’s blackmail them.

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