Friday, November 19, 2010

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Will the young get a chance?

Last week I wrote in the same space about how the CWG games have become a matter of national pride and we should all do are bit to make them a success but as the games approach the callous behaviour of our organizing community has left us wondering if they really care.

I overheard a group of youngsters the other day abusing the organizing community and the government for the way these games have been handled. The younger generation is an educated lot, they have seen the world, are exposed to all kinds of things on the net sitting at home. I’m not able to answer their question as to how and why our system runs like the way it does. Some of these kids have studied abroad and sum locally, they want to know why the games were handed over to people who couldn’t deliver. And also not that they have such a great reputation. Seven years is a long time for the infrastructure to be maid. Why was everything left for the last minute? They feel that the organizing community was so busy making there own under hand deals, travelling the world with family and friends at the organization expenses. The young generation is completely in agreement with the former union sports minister Mani Shanker Iyer that these games were a sham right from the beginning. It was useless exercise. A waste of tax payers’ money which could have been used for better to better use for the poor. I’ve realized during my interaction with modern young professionals that they think that our system stinks. They would prefer a Hitler like dictator at the top. They want some one to crack the whip and punish the guilty so harshly that the others would learn a lesson. They see us day and night bribing the system. They know it’s an easy way out for us too. Otherwise your work will be stuck in the system for years. We are also lot more patient than the youth. They want instant recipes.

They are fed up as everyone else in the country of the nexus between the politicians and the bureaucrats. They have huge hopes on Rahul Gandhi and his way of politics but they are not sure that the system would allow him to emerge as he aims too. This system is full of corruption, Sleazy ways and everyone is hand in hand in this. Will Rahul be able to clean the system and get some efficiency or will the politician ruling today for there own survival will confuse and disilioun him. He is trying to set new standards. But will the others allow them to change. Rahul Gandhi is a youth today. He also must be felling suffocated in this system. Cutting across political party lines the youth all want a change. But the elders who should be retired are getting extension all the time. When will the young get a chance? When they are also old? Well, they have a stronger and more aggressive voice than we ever did. Hopefully it will work.

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