Friday, November 19, 2010

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Give the same treatment

I was traveling to America after nearly twelve years and I was apprehensive and so hyper about my trip. I had heard stories of how the strict security rules there end up hassling our VIPs. So, traveling alone to New York there was a fear which I realized even the frequent visitors to America in the plane had.
As I landed in JFK airport there was no line at the immigration and must say to my surprise it was smooth sailing. I let out a sigh of relief as I got into my cab and was on my way to the Hotel in hardly half an hour. So, a happy start made me cheerful as I went about my work in New York also keeping enough time for shopping and meeting friends. As my Hotel was right in the hub of downtown the famous and fashionable Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue were hardly five minutes away. I noticed one thing immediately that the police, security personals, and cop cars with their trained dogs were every where. Obviously, this must have come up after twenty six eleven. Manhattan looked very secure and safe. So, I went about happily all alone discovering different lanes, walks to the Central Park and trying out the new popular restaurants.

As I got talking to different people I was shocked at one thing that they all had in common. They were all feeling let down by Obama. The much hyped President of the United States the most powerful man in the world has not delivered what he had promised and what he had set out for he could not achieve. The fresh young President was not experienced according to them. It was an amazing revelation for me that right from cab drivers from world over, professionals whether doctors or engineers were not happy. Bank or large company executives were not satisfied or up beat with his policies and the way he took decisions. The recession was no where near gone and the extra taxes in New York City had most essential things out of reach even for the middle class there. The tax is obnoxious even for a visitor. Unlike Europe and UK there is no VAT refund as you leave the country. So, if it’s a shopping trip to America its best to leave out New York and Los Angles and head to places nearest like New Jersey etc. Half an hour away and so much cheaper. In fact a Pakistani cab driver of mine told me that on his day off that’s what his family does. They head off to buy their essential stuff from out of New York border limit. Asians are loosing their jobs fast. The Americans go around doing their work with swollen sulking faces.

One complaint that all Indians had in common was that they were very upset and hurt when top officials and politicians of our country are at times stopped and hassled at Airport security. Whether it was George Fernandez, Shah Rukh Khan and recently Praful Patel. Some senior ministers have been asked to strip and frisked .The demand was, when American officials travel to India they should go through all our security norms and regulations.
Must say in the end I realized that our nation is progressing well and we Indians are a proud lot where ever we travel in the World today. Our Prime Minister’s policies have made sure we are a nation which is progressing steadily and confidentially. We should take offence when our respected leaders are not facilitated as we do theirs. America’s top guys should also be given the same treatment as our leaders of the country get there. Rest, Mr. Obama really needs to do some thing about his image and policies. His over hyped PR during the elections seems to have fallen flat now. The expectations were too much with the publicity and obviously it is impossible to deliver in such a short time. He needs more time and experienced people around him.

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