Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Tribune-Chatterati-22nd Nov.10

“Stars at big, Fat Dilli shaadis”

Shaddi time is always fun time for “Delhities”. Delhi being a cosmopolitan city we have all kind of weddings here. The expenditure of a wedding can vary from a thousand rupee’s to crores. Elaborate and over the top is an understatement here. This year it seems there is a craze for Bollywood stars performing in the wedding. There is also demand for Pakistani gazzal and sufi singers. Recently, we had the not so busy star like “Ameesha Patel” perform. Singer Sunidhi Chauhan in fact acted pricey and so arrogant at a sangeet even though she had charged a large amount for her performance. The host had to ask her to leave with out performing. The Gutka weddings in town were paying approximately 25 crores for stars like Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan all there. But, the designers who dress the Bride and the Groom also get richer by lakhs. Real crystals and gold embroidery etc. It is not rare in Delhi for the bride to be wearing a lengha worth 10 to 15 lakhs. The card itself for these wedding cost anyway between 15 to 20 thousands. It is amazing that while the rich have so much to spare, the poor in India hardly afford one decent meal a day. Witnessing all this even though India is on a rise economically, I would still support the Indira Gandhi regime rule of serving four kinds of potatoes and simple marriages with limited baraaties.

“Builders’ jungle raj”

This is not the first time that a building has collapsed in Delhi and that the blame game starts between the Delhi administration and the MCD. It is unfortunate and extremely sad at the way lives are lost and people are left handicapped for life. India may be emerging as a large economic power in the world but, we have a lot of poverty.
A six storey building in which 200 hundred people lived where around 80 died were occupants mainly migrants from Bengal and Bihar. Some had dozen’s living in one single room. There is no way you can stop these migrants as they are looking for work and prosperity as they come in the town. We are all aware of the fact that the unauthorized buildings and various constructions crop up everywhere. As a result of these accidents, there are orphans, widows left alone. Is their a way to stop all this? The answer to it is by stopping bribe and punishing the guilty. Officials are bribed to pass the plans, not to visit the site, or check the material that is being used? When unauthorized floors and constructions are done one wonders whether the department officials were sleeping? Corruption is so seeped in our system that we all have in a way just given into it.
It is high time that the “Jungle Raj” of these builders is stopped. At this time when the Prime minister and the Supreme Court is on a cleaning up spree of the corrupt tribes stern actions should be taken on these killers. We are proud of the growth rate of the country but such incidences do point to the systematic failure of governance planning and regulations.

“Farooq the star”

The evergreen energetic leader from Kashmir Dr. Farooq Abdullah is clearly the flavour of the season. He was the chief guest at the Godfery Phillips Bravery National Awards ceremony. This ceremony is held every year to honour the brave hearts of our society. Farooq is clearly the star at any do that he attends. The evening was anchored by film star Kabir Bedi. Here Farooq had a special word for each winner, applauded and appreciated each one individual. There was a musical recital in the capital last week were he was in full tune with the singers and was actually the star of the evening. He had everybody amused by his great sense of humour. His party M.Ps swear by him and claims that he is the best crowd and vote puller for them. He clearly is a man who is popular with all classes of people and is yet humble and grounded. He is one politician who can easily be said as not a hypocrite because his way of life is an open book and he has his fundas all clear.

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