Friday, November 19, 2010

The Tribune- Chatterati-18th. october.10

After the storm, the sunshine

In the end India has won not only a hundred and one gold medals but also an applause world wide. Everything was in order. The financial mismanagement, the threat of diseases and the over bridge that collapsed was in the past. It was a complete Indian wedding being put together in a chaotic manner and as usual everything ended well. The hard work of the athletes gained a renewed interest and respect for a variety of sports away from cricket. The Pakistani delegation in the opening ceremony got applause of a lifetime. The 71 countries that participated in the two week’s fun and games went home happy and satisfied with everything. There was non-stop entertainment and excitement from the beginning till the end. The markets in Delhi were full of visitors. The one person who was booed through and through was Suresh Kalmadi. During the week, when he went for dinner at a local restaurant the crowd went hysterical and asked him to leave the restaurant. They did not want to share the space with somebody so corrupt and shameless. Everybody is now waiting and watching with interest as how Suresh Kalmadi is going to answer at the mismanagement of funds. As the country powerful and elite sat with the common man to watch the 15 days of the largest sports event that the country has ever hosted there is matter of national pride which has been saved world wide.

Social worker galore

Uttar Pradesh has the largest numbers of Social Workers elected to the Parliament. It seems all our big wig politicians like Kamal Nath, Farooq Abdullah, Bhajan Lal and Lalu Prasad Yadav are also Social Workers who have drifted into the Politics. The Member of Parliament from Andhra Pradesh who has become famous for slapping the bank manager is also a Social Worker.

This is the list of professions that the newly elected members of Parliament have given to the Lok Sabha Secretariat. The second largest numbers of members of Parliament are Agriculturists. Sharad Pawar, Deve Gowda and his sons are all Agriculturists Charan Singh’s son Ajit Singh has listed himself as Computer Scientist; the Industrialists are Praful Patel, Milind Deora and Navin Jindal. We have two Professors in Parliament Girija Vyas and Manohar Joshi. The lady speaker Meira Kumar is the only Civil Servant who has come to Parliament.

It’s a great mix in variety where Jaya Prada being from the Film Industry and what a co-incidence that Rahul Gandhi’s brigade including him are listed in the Farmer’s list. The Lawyers who are the party’s best spokesperson also are Kapil Sibal, Salman Khurshid, P. Chidambaram and Sushma Swaraj. Its an interesting list of personalities but the Social Workers take the cake.

This is truly a house whose occupants are democratically equal in wealth. Among the 55 members elected to the Rajya Sabha from 13 States, 43 are crorepaties with their average net worth being Rs. 25.24 crore. The richest of the new lot is United Breweries Chairman Vijay Mallya with Rs. 615 crore. The second time MP from Karnataka is an independent member of the upper house. MP Y. Satyanarayanayan Chowdhary from Andhra Pradesh is worth Rs. 187 crore, while MP Kanwardeep Singh has Rs. 82.6 crore in his kitty. The poorest Rajya Sabha MP is Anil Dave from Madhya Pradesh, according to a survey by the association for democratic reforms. Quite like the Lok Sabha, the upper house is not bereft of its back either, 15 Rajya Sabha MP’s have criminal charges pending against them, with six involved in attempt to murder, cheating and forgery cases. These notables cut across all party lines and belong to the Congress, BJP, TDP and NCP.

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