Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tribune-Chatterati-29th November.10

"Some politicos richly deserve praise!"

Our politicians are not as rich as they seem. The richest Member of Parliament at the moment is Praful Patel. His wealth has nothing to do with politics. In fact Praful is the “beedi” king of the country. So he was a successful business man even before he entered politics. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s the Maharaja of Gawlior’s wealth is all ancestral. What amazes me is the lifestyle of our “Netas”. Sharad Pawar is much poorer than his other state leaders like Praful Patel and Murli Deora. A. Raja the head of a telecom scam has only a crore or so. Mamata Banerjee is the poorest of the lot. Senior minister like Kamal Nath has brought a Nano car while our defense minister A. k. Anthony had to borrow money from a bank to buy a second hand wagon .R. one does wonder of all these scams one hears off so often. If they are true then where do they put their money? Does the government of India know? Does it mattes because as a new scam come to light the old one moves away from the headline. It is also good to know the assests of several ministers to see that most of them are really not rich at all.

"Life cycle of scams"

Scams and scandals, tapes and taps, theft and trickery, all there and more have dominated the capitals chatter circuit for the last few months. It just does not seem to stop. Yet it follows a some what pathetic life cycle of its own. An expose or an exposion followed by preventing a public anger, fuelled by a media circus. Then comes governments delayed and often apologetic response, a promise of action and some minor punishments for those caught in the live light. A few months of being treated as tainted and then it’s back to normal. The tainted and the painted, the pathetic losers unite around their favourite watering spots again and life is back to a new semblance of reality for those who survive the onslaught and manage to retain the loot. Whether it’s the CWG mess, the ‘adarsh land scams’ the, ‘housing collapse’ or the ‘media gate’ exposes, this pattern seems to repeat itself. Most of the time it is the ‘little guy’ who is caught and punished. The big guys after all are a part of the establishment and must come back to prop up the barl. The moment one scandal rocks the situation an earlier one get a convenient burial. But beneath all this there may well be a flood of public anger which we don’t see yet. The public will often wait to settle scores, not just once but even twice, as the Bihar elections and the destruction of scams fuelled Lalu seems to prove.
The BJP is on a high and in a mood to celebrate. And rightfully so. The victory in Bihar has given them a new life. It is amazing how the young leaders of BJP like Arun Jaitely and Nitin Gadkari are articulate and above all. That gives them the moral ground to talk on any matter eloquently. After the Bihar landslide victory, on 3rd of December in Nagpur there will be more celebrations. The BJP president’s son Nikhil is getting married there and a lot of invitations seem to have gone out. Gadkari does not forget to ask everyone personally in town, if they have received the card. The card very clearly says’s that no presents and no bouquet’s not that people will adhered to that. If you happen to attend a wedding in Delhi you actually end up feeling bad at the waste of beautiful flowers lying around crushed at one end of the stage. So, it is literally ladoo time for the BJP and its allies even though some of the senior leaders are diabetic and Nitin is always trying to say that he needs to diet.

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